Golden Entertainment’s Pahrump Real Estate Paid $2.3 Million In May

Parrump Nugget Hotel & Gambling Hall, Lakeside Casino & RV Park, and Goldtown Casino awarded jackpot winners totaling $2.276,709 to lucky guests during the month of May.

On Monday, May 8, Parum Nuggets’ guests kicked off the month with a big win after playing “The Dollar Storm” and winning a $24,735 jackpot. To end May, two players won big, including $13,000 on Saturday, May 27, while playing “Golden Century” on the Parum Nuggets and $11,594 on Sunday, May 28, while playing “The Checkered Flag.”

On Thursday, May 11, in Lakeside, a customer hit a $16,000 jackpot while playing the “Caveman Keno” slot machine for just $2.

On the same day, at Goldtown Casino, a lucky guest received $13,233 for playing “Cash Express Luxury Line.”

Players can join Golden Entertainment’s rewards program, True Rewards, to receive bonuses such as increased point multipliers, cash and free slot-play giveaways, and eligibility to participate in some tournaments and special events. 슬롯사이트 순위

Parrump Nugget Hotel & Gambling Hall is located at 681 hw. 160 Lakeside Casino & RV Park is located at 5870 Homestead Road. Goldtown Casino is located at 771 S. Frontage Road.