Cup Predicted by SuperCom, 2nd Place in Korea’s Probability of Winning

Korean men’s soccer team led by German coach Jürgen Klinsmann has a 14.3 percent chance of winning the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. It ranks second after Japan with 24.6 percent.

“Opta,” a statistics media outlet, said on the 9th, “We predicted the 2023 Asian Cup. According to its own supercomputer, Japan will win the championship.”

According to media reports, Japan has a 24.6 percent chance of winning the championship. “Japan has advanced to the semifinals more than half of the 10,000 simulations,” Opta said.

In fact, Japan won a landslide 6-1 against Jordan, which was held as the final mock test before the Asian Cup, and recently won 10 consecutive A-matches. The team has strong performance and good flow.

Korea ranked second after Japan. Opta predicted Korea’s chance of winning the title at 14.3 percent, saying, “It will be the closest competitor to Japan.”

It seems that Son Heung-min Tottenham, Lee Kang-in Paris Saint-Germain, and Kim Min-jae Bayern Munich are highly regarded for their team’s strength.

Iran ranked third with 11.2 percent, followed by Saudi Arabia with a projected 10.6 percent. Qatar took fifth place with a 9.8 percent chance.

The United Arab Emirates UAE, an ambush led by former South Korean coach Paulo Bento, ranked sixth with 2.9%.

Among the competitors that are also in Group E with Korea, Jordan, the second opponent, was the highest at 1.1 percent. Then, Bahrain, the first opponent, recorded 0.9 percent.

Malaysia, head coach Kim Pan-gon, who was the opponent of the Clinsman’s third match and served as the chairman of the South Korean national team’s selection committee, was predicted to have the lowest chance of winning Group E with 0.2%.

Indonesia, led by another Korean nationality coach, Shin Tae-yong, was also evaluated as a lower group among the participating countries with a 0.2% chance of winning.

The Klinsmann will enter Qatar, the battleground, on the 10th.

According to the Korea Football Association, the Korean national team, which is currently training in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates UAE, will train in the morning and then fly to Doha at 5:55 p.m.

Korea 23rd in the FIFA rankings will face Bahrain 15th, 86th, Jordan 20th, 87th, and Malaysia 25th, 130th. 먹튀검증