The Giant Killer of the 3rd division

The “Giant Killers” relentless rush, which beat strong teams one after another, stopped in the semifinals. The 22-year-old goalkeeper’s ridiculous mistake has turned his passion for the game into ashes.

Saarbrücken, a third-tier German professional football team, lost 0-2 to Kaiser Slautern in the second division in the 2023-2024 German Pokal semifinals in Saarbrücken, Germany, where he is based on the 3rd. Saarbrücken, who reached the semifinals by beating the first and second division powerhouses such as Bayern Munich, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Borussia Munich-Gladbach, collapsed on the threshold of advancing to the Pokal final for the first time in history.

The goalkeeper’s mistake was fatal. The goalkeeper Tim Shriver missed his opponent’s bland header through the crotch in the eighth minute of the second half. The header was straightforward and not fast enough to block it easily. “When I was practicing, I could catch all 10 headers,” Shriver said. “I feel like I want to sink into the ground right now.” “It wasn’t a game we were going to lose. We paid the price for one mistake,” coach Edgar Ziel said. “I’m so upset.” Zarbrücken had 54 percent-46 percent of the ball possession rate and 15-8 shooting numbers, ahead of Slautern.

“I feel very sorry for our team. Even after losing 0-1, our players fought hard,” Schreiber said. According to German media, players expressed their gratitude and consolation to the goalkeeper, who continued his miraculous journey after the match. “Zarbrücken played fantastic and we had the luck we needed,” Slautern coach Prithelm Funkel said. “It was effective to block Zarbrücken’s counterattack.” 토토사이트 추천

Established in 1903, Zarbrücken spent this season as if it were a fairytale. The Pokal will play at the lower league club’s home stadium. The round of 32 strongest teams, 16 best teams, and the quarterfinals all took place at the Ludwigshparkstadion, the home ground of Zarbrücken, and 16,000 seats were sold out every season. The stadium was filled with spectators at the semifinal match as well. Both players and fans prepared for this match by referring to it as “Jahrhundertspiel.” The goal was to ensure that Zarbrücken would make it to the semi-finals or higher at the 2019-2020 season at the Pokal. Zarbrücken’s challenge stopped, but both players and fans had a dreamlike moment.

Meanwhile, Jarbrücken is ranked 11th among 20 teams (10 wins, 13 draws and 6 losses) in the third division this season.