Casino Hits Skilled Video Poker Players

The Acres Manufacturing Company, a leading casino loyalty and technology developer, today published a case study based on a video poker analyzer product that demonstrates the identity and loss effectiveness of highly skilled video poker players known to the industry as advantage players. Based on an evaluation of over 3 million hands played by over 1,000 identified card players, the case study highlights the ability of a small number of APs to reliably beat casinos and attract a disproportionate portion of loyalty program offerings.

According to the VPA’s analysis of video poker play at local casinos in Las Vegas, where video poker plays are severe, APs make up about 1% of the casino player population. During the study period, these players as a whole lost 25.64% of their video poker card wins to the casinos. Additionally, more than two-thirds of APs benefited from the play during this period. Because this group made up 26% of video poker coins, the casino’s loyalty program rewarded each AP far more than its high-margin players.

The video poker analyzer is powered by Acres Foundation hardware that is compatible with the latest slot machines and casino management systems. Five card hands are handled in each game of video poker. The player then strategically decides which card to hold and which to discard to create a winning hand. The VPA compares each player’s decision to a mathematically optimal strategy for all hands. Once each player’s error is identified and a dollar value is assigned, each time a player with a card returns, a skill rating can be given to help predict the casino’s bottom line.

“Our video poker analyzer case study demonstrates the true threat AP poses to casino profitability and the impact on player reinvestment through the casino’s loyalty program,” Noah Akers said. “By clearly identifying APs, Akers can redeploy casinos to limit marketing offers and gain incremental play from lower-skilled players who are less profitable.”

As shown by Akers’ recent analysis and recent case studies, casino operators deploying VPA can see video poker revenue rise by more than 45% through combinations that reduce except for unprofitable APs in their active player base and reallocate valuable marketing dollars to players with the highest upside potential. 카지노사이트 순위