Men’s 3X3 Basketball Team Jurassic Cops Participates in International Mengzi City

The newly formed men’s 3X3 basketball team Jurassic Cops will compete in the “2024 China Mengzi South Asia Southeast Asia 3X3” competition in Mengzi, China, for four days from the 22nd to the 5th.

Jurassic Cops is the men’s basketball team of the women’s 3X3 basketball team Dino Man Hansol. Dino Man and Jurassic Cops are animated films airing in Korea. Studio Burton Kim Ho-rak said, “Dino Man and Jurassic Cops were scheduled to air in China this April, but we have a great opportunity to promote them before airing, so we are supporting the men’s team this time.”

The Jurassic Cops consisted of Lim Won-jun, Han Jae-gyu, and Seok Jong-tae, who won the SBS Basketball Survival Matchup, led by Lee Seung-jun, the South Korean national basketball player. Lee has recently applied for the position of men’s 3X3 national team coach.

Lee has gained various experiences while playing as a player since the early days of 3X3 in Korea. Lee said, “I have thought a lot about how I can help the development of Korean basketball. I applied with joy because the job posting for the 3X3 national basketball team was announced. If I become a coach, I will do my best to develop Korea 3X3. I am very nervous because the announcement is just around the corner.”

A total of 16 teams from China, Singapore, Japan, Mongolia and Thailand will participate in the upcoming event. Jurassic Cops will play a total of three preliminary matches, starting with the first match against Singapore’s Jumpshot on June 22, Korean time. 메이저사이트