Station Casino Launches NFT-Based Slot Program

Station Casino will announce the debut of STN Charms, a brand-new NFT casino loyalty rewards program that will be available on all properties starting March 31. Upon launch, members of the Boarding Pass will be automatically registered. When you pay for your card, you will receive your debut Shamrock Charms, a non-fungible token that appears in the service window of your slot machine. STN Charms offers a new and innovative way to enhance the gaming experience with accessible, personalized NFT Charms that guests will be lucky to have when they win. Players can also view their Charms on the STN Charms website, an online marketplace where guests can browse through the Charms catalog that is available for purchase, sale, and use.

“We’re excited to launch this innovative program to create a more engaging way for guests to earn unique rewards and customize their play,” said Tom Mikulich, Station Casino’s senior vice president of innovation. “We believe that through patent applications, game-changing technologies, STN Chames will provide guests with a more rewarding and fun gaming experience by reshaping the casino gaming landscape and modernizing their loyalty programs.”

In a variety of ways to gain appeal, guests can gather them all together. The new attraction will drop every month, and each attraction will be divided into three ways: by category (lucky pennies, shamrocks, horseshoes, pandas, etc.), one of the five raritys determined by scarcity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary), and by luck level, the value associated with a guest’s victory during the charm’s activity on the slot machine.

STN Chams was created in collaboration with leading technologies, and the platforms of Web3 service providers Mintable Pte. Ltd. and Intergalactic Agency Inc. Mintable provide guests with a platform to easily buy, sell, and display NFTs that are uniquely created. Intergalactic leveraged cutting-edge technology to design and develop custom creative looks and feelings, end-to-end systems for digital Chams. 실시간 바카라사이트

“This program reshapes the casino gaming and loyalty program industry because guests will be welcomed to personalize the gaming experience by collecting NFTs in their charm boxes and raising the level of attraction,” said Pat Gordon, head of innovation at Station Casino. “Guests don’t need additional registration because they can maximize the program by choosing to attraction with their first card. All guests automatically need to register