Nevada Legalizes Online Gambling

Nevada overtook New Jersey today to become the first state to specifically legalize online gambling
Just nine days after the bill was first introduced, it threw a punch. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, said, “This bill is critical to our state’s economy and ensures that we continue to be the gold standard for gaming regulation.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie previously vetoed a bill that would put Atlantic City one step ahead, but said he would sign the bill after it was amended. The bill is expected to pass early next week. Nevada’s legislation not only allows in-state gambling through the Internet, but also gives states the power to do so
I have contracted with other states to provide Internet poker. Currently, there are 19 poker software, games, and technology providers licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission, and it will not be long before the state sees their first games. The license fee was set at $500,000, and the Nevada Gaming Commission had the authority to change the license price. The renewal fee is set at 250,000 dollars.

Sadly, the International Game Association in 2006 “still violates the law because it prohibits certain organizations that have operated interactive games involving customers located in the United States since Dec. 31, 2006 from issuing licenses to operate interactive games for 10 years after the effective date of this bill.”

Today’s bill, Parliament 114, has rushed through both Parliament and the Senate as an emergency measure. Now, gambling regulators will have to come up with regulatory measures against game companies in the state. Nevada passed a bill in 2011 that paved the way for online gaming, but it was relying on federal law to specifically authorize it. Such efforts (kyle/lead) have failed. That year, a new direction was conceived when the Department of Justice announced that the Federal Wire Act of 1961 only applies to sports betting.

Without dense interstate regulations, Bill 114 would have been relatively meaningless, as the number of tourists is probably busy playing physical gambling, and in 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated Nevada’s population at less than 3 million. States that sign contracts with Nevada will have mature regulatory systems to rely on. 온라인카지노