Three Transfer Markets → 43 Contracts → £300 Million Evaporated

Jesse Lingard (FC Seoul), who made a surprise entrance to the K League this year, was pointed out as one of the failed recruits of English Premier League (EPL) club Nottingham Forest.

The British daily “Daily Mail” analyzed on the 19th how Nottingham Forest, which fell to the relegation zone due to a four-point cut due to a violation of EPL fiscal rules, has managed the team over the past year or two.

“Daily Mail” dealt with Nottingham’s collapse in an article under the theme “Three transfer markets, 43 recruits, £300m evaporated. How can this happen to Nottingham Forest?”

According to reports, Nottingham hastily recruited a number of players after unexpectedly moving to the EPL two years ago as a loan-oriented team. There was no clear plan. A player with a broken leg signed and even brought in four goalkeepers in one season. After two were hired, they immediately left for Olympiacos on loan. Though not mentioned in the article, one of them is Hwang Ui-jo.

“Daily Mail” was divided into successful and unsuccessful recruitments. Morgan Gibbs-White, Taiwo Awoniyi, and Danilo were considered successful recruitments. On the other hand, Lingard, Emmanuel Dennis, and Jonjo Shelby concluded that the recruitment was unnecessary. Shelby terminated his contract.

Lingard, who had been a solid starting member for Manchester United under Jose Mourinho, moved to Nottingham in 2022 after losing ground there, but only made 17 appearances in the league. Eventually, he had to leave the team at the end of the season due to the expiration of his reign. He was unemployed for about eight months before joining Seoul in February.

Nottingham has overspent £34.5 million over three years. The club signed Brennan Johnson to Tottenham for £47.5 million in September last year, but the financial deadline for the 2022-2023 season was June. Johnson’s move has not helped ease the team’s finances.

However, the PLs independent committee highly appreciated Nottinghams sincere cooperation and decided to cut the team`s points by four points, down two from six. The result instantly plunged Nottingham to 18th, a level of demotion. The team is one point shy of Luton Town, the 17th-ranked team. 메이저사이트