The Devil’s Talent

Several teams rushed to the devil’s talent.

“Tottenham, Chelsea, and West Ham United have all expressed interest in recruiting Brentford striker Ivan Toney.”

Tony is considered one of the best strikers in the Premier League. He scored 20 goals last season, ranking third after Erling Holland 36 goals and Harry Kane 30 goals.

His performance is flawless. There is another problem. It is Tony’s gambling addiction.

The FA found circumstantial evidence that Tony made a total of 262 illegal gambling during the last season. The FA immediately indicted Tony.

Tony later pleaded guilty to illegal gambling. Tony was given a severe penalty of eight months of suspension.

However, the talent was frightening. Upon his return, he scored three goals in four Premier League matches, taking responsibility for Brentford’s attack.

The key is the high transfer fee. Brentford is not in a hurry. There is no reason to sell their ace pitchers. The Sun reported that Brentford would not hand over Tony unless the transfer fee was 80 million pounds about 136 billion won.

Tottenham and Chelsea, who are looking at Tony, are desperate. Tottenham urgently needs a striker to replace Harry Kane. Son Heung-min changed his position to a one-top and Hishalisson rebounded to minimize the gap in Kane, but if Tony comes, the team’s attack power doubles.

When it comes to positivity, Chelsea is more impressive than Tottenham. Chelsea has struggled for several seasons due to lack of scorers. It ranked 11th in the Premier League this season and failed to advance to the UEFA Champions League.

For this reason, a Chelsea official said, “Chelsea wants Tony. Everyone knows that Chelsea needs a striker. He is the best striker in the Premier League right now. Mauricio Pochettino said Chelsea should do everything they can to bring Tony back. We will give him a goal to change the team and make Chelsea a contender for the title.” 슬롯사이트