You can get $32,000 at Barona Casino

Every Friday night in January, the Barona Resort & Casino’s money machine will swirl into $100 and $20 bills during Friday night’s live money machine Madness. Every 15 minutes from 2 p.m. to midnight, Jan. 4, 11, 18, 25, one lucky club barona member will be randomly selected to enter the money machine and clench their fist out of the $32,000 prize.

“Friday nights in Barona are going to be a lot more fun in January,” said Rick Salinas, the general manager of Barona Resort & Casino. “You might be one of the lucky club Barona members who chose to go into the vortex of cash and grab as much as you can!”

Diamond and Platinum Club Barrona members automatically qualify when they play with their Club Barrona cards on promotion day. Gold and classical players qualify by earning 500 points or playing the corresponding table games. Players maintain their eligibility as long as they play with their club cards. The time inside Barrona’s money machine is determined by the winner’s club Barrona hierarchy: 90 seconds for diamond players, 75 seconds for platinum players, 60 seconds for gold players, and 45 seconds for classic players. 슬롯