Table Mountain Casino awards multiple jackpots

While the summer is sizzling in the Central Valley, at Table Mountain Casino, jackpots are paying cold cash. Two of the most recent big cash jackpot winners, Rose and Mai, will agree because they have received a life-changing jackpot.

Rose and her sister always enjoy taking a short drive from Fresno to Table Mountain Casino so they can play their favorite slot machine and have the fun of winning. The fun of winning is exactly what they had when Rose suddenly stopped while playing a game. In the next minute, a huge cash jackpot winner message flashed on the popular Sakura Lady Penny machine and a short time later, $126,733.41 was given to Rose.

Rose has been a member of the Table Mountain Casino Players Club for well over a decade, and she was overcome with excitement that she won the Massive Cash. She and her sister often saw others win this jackpot, but this time Rose did.

Also from Fresno, Mai came to use her weekly Table Mountain Free Bonus Play just for being a member of the Table Mountain Players Club. After winning the blackjack, Mai went to her favorite Keno machine. Next came the giant cash jackpot she knows of $82,369.87 that hit her machine, making Mai the latest giant cash jackpot winner.

The Massive Cash is an entirely random jackpot, and has become a player’s favorite because it can suddenly hit anywhere, at any time, in any face value calculator. This interesting random jackpot is only found in Central California’s Table Mountain Casino. Players club members can win anywhere for between $50,000 and $150,000 in cold cash simply by inserting their club card into their machine and playing it. No combination is needed for this machine’s reel. This jackpot will always hit and hit hard, making Table Mountain Casino the winner’s choice for luck and fun. 온라인카지노