Professional Football Seoul E-Land Holds 10th Anniversary Match

K-League 2 Seoul E-Land FC announced on the 25th that it will invite original member Kim Young-kwang to hold a special 10th anniversary event at 4:30 p.m. on the 30th at home against FC Anyang.

Kim Young-kwang will share memories by taking commemorative photos with Honors Club members who have shown unwavering support for 10 years and Founders members who supported the club in its first year.

Legendary goalkeeper Kim Young-kwang, who represents the K League, played 183 games for Seoul E-Land from 2015 to 2019.

Kim Young-kwang, who left the friendly ground after the end of last season, will wear goalkeeper gloves for the first time in a long time to celebrate this game. In particular, he plans to play PK with Founders members.

In addition, Seoul E-Land has prepared a variety of events that stimulate fans’ nostalgia to mark its 10th anniversary. As the match will be held against Anyang, the opponent of the opening match of the company, a more special atmosphere is expected to be created.

The founding season ticket buyer Founders members were invited to the stadium and the names of all Founders members were engraved on the wall of the player’s entrance gate structure on the ground to give symbolism.

Outside, there will be a “History Wall” photo zone that contains the club’s history for 10 years. Numerous photos from the first game of the club to the opening game of this season are displayed like panoramas through LED screens, recalling fans’ memories.

In addition, a variety of events such as the children’s soccer class “Rewol Kids Academy” and fan signing events, in which players participate as daily instructors, will be held together to raise the atmosphere.

Kim Young-kwang said, “As a founding member of Seoul E-Land, I will visit Real Park this week to celebrate its 10th anniversary and pray for its victory. I hope many of you will come to see our fans after a long time.” 안전놀이터