Russian soprano seeks $400 million lawsuit against New York Opera.

Famed Russian soprano Anna Netrebko, a known supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has filed a massive lawsuit against the New York Metropolitan Opera.

According to the New York Times and the Associated Press, Netrebko is seeking $360,000, or about $470,000 in damages, claiming she was removed from the Metropolitan Opera and lost her job.

In his complaint, Netrebko alleged that he was discriminated against and defamed for being Russian, and that he was not paid compensation for the canceled appearance, which he said was a breach of contract.

Netrebko also sought compensation for mental and emotional distress, including depression, humiliation, and embarrassment.

Last year, Netrebko was kicked out of a performance after refusing the opera company’s demand that he publicly retract his support for Putin, and while he was later awarded $200,000 in compensation for the canceled appearance, he sued for additional compensation for other performances that were not covered by the agreement.

In response, the Metropolitan Opera stated that “Netrebko’s lawsuit is without merit.”

Today, Netrebko continues to operate in Europe and elsewhere, but has also been forced to cancel upcoming performances in the United States and Asia.

Netrebko publicly endorsed Putin’s re-election in 2012, 먹튀검증토토사이트 and in 2014, the company donated to the Donetsk Regional Opera House and was photographed holding a pro-Russian separatist flag.