Multi-goal… Kim Min-jun, “The coach told me to go in and score a goal. I’m happy to reciprocate”

Gimcheon Commerce goalkeeper Kim Min-jun was pleased with his performance after unleashing a multi-goal barrage on the Seongnam FC goal.

Kim Min-jun’s Gimcheon defeated Seongnam 4-0 in the 25th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Gimcheon Sports Complex. Gimcheon defeated Seongnam comfortably thanks to back-to-back goals from Cho Young-wook in the 31st minute, Kang Hyun-mook in the 10th minute, and Kim Min-joon, who scored twice in the 39th and 42nd minutes.

In the post-match press conference, Kim Min-jun said, “I’m happy that we worked hard despite the hot weather and got a good result. We’ll just celebrate today’s victory and prepare for the next game.” With his multi-goal performance, Kim scored his sixth goal of the season. It is his most in a single season.

“I knew that if I scored one more goal, I would set a new personal best for the season,” said Kim. Even though there was a lot of time left in the game, I was greedy. Coach Jung Jung-yong gave me a chance even though there wasn’t much time, and I wanted to repay him with a goal. He told me to come out with a goal before I went in, and I’m glad I did,” he said.

“I think I was able to show my aggressiveness because my opponent was a bit tired compared to the first half, and my teammates did a great job defending, and Politician Jo Young-wook served me delicious food,” he added, giving credit to his teammates for the multi-goal performance.

Kim Min-jun, who is raising his goal to 10 goals, said he set a goal to become a bigger player in Gimcheon after talking with his teammate Oh Hyun-kyu. He said, “I heard a good case study through a conversation with Oh Hyun-gyu. I thought I could 토토 do it, and the team is actually well prepared athletically compared to other teams. I want to build a career here like (Oh) Hyun-gyu and Cho Kyu-sung and return to my team.”

Kim also attracted attention during the match when he performed a Brazilian star Neymar ceremony. “I wanted to imitate how Neymar enjoys the game so much,” he said, adding, “I also play a lot of tricks with Jo Young-wook outside. Since he helped me, I thought of him and did the trick with him.”