Real Madrid, a traditional player in the Spanish Primera Liga

Real Madrid, a traditional Spanish Primera Liga player, played the second leg of the 202324 UEFA Champions League round of 16 against Leipzig, a German Bundesliga doubledecker. Many predicted that the second leg would not be easy because Real won the first leg 10. Let’s check out the details of the game through reporter Lee Seongpil of Spotify News.

Real Madrid drew 11 in the second leg. There was no win.

“Real’s present and future Vinicius Junior scored the opening goal with Jude Bellingham. Real, who had the upper hand of 10 in the first leg of the away game, secured a 11 draw with the goal to advance to the quarterfinals 21 on aggregate in the first and second legs. Real, which had difficulty developing Leipzig’s efficient attack in the first half, was able to overcome the crisis due to goalkeeper Andriy Lunine’s good defense. However, Lunine’s mistake in positioning at the start of the second half led to a loss. Then Vinicius showed up and saved Real. With his accurate attack development, Vinicius scored the opening goal that broke the balance of zero. Of course, Leipzig were not easy opponents. Orban’s equalizer took the mood in an unknown direction. It was bad luck for Leipzig after Olmo’s shot hit the crossbar in extra time, but Real was relieved and the game ended as it was.”

Real could have played a difficult game without Vinicius.

“Vinicius led Valencia to a 22 draw with two goals in the previous league match. However, the referee himself caused controversy by blowing the closing whistle in an ambiguous situation. In the process, Vinicius violently complained to the referee and some Valencia fans acted racistly. Vinicius, who was also involved in racism against Valencia in the first half of the match, responded calmly this time and received overwhelming support from Real fans. The moment he needed a goal, he shook the net with a precise penetration. There were concerns that goaltender Karim Benzema would weaken his offense after heading to Saudi Arabia, but Vinicius is filling the gap brilliantly.”

Leipzig were certainly not easy opponents.

Offenda and Cesco are both embroiled in rumors that they will move to top teams in the big leagues that need strikers. Midfielder Olmo and Simmons are also interested in the match. He clearly motivated the team to play against Real, saying, “We need to stand out to be a better team. Leipzig led 2112 in the number of shootings and played on an equal footing, saying, “We are not easily deprived of the initiative. We regret our loss in the first round, but we reaffirmed that it was not an easy opponent.”

If you pick the MVP of the game.

“Today’s MVP is Bellingham. With his wide vision, he played a fantastic role in Vinicius’ goal. He also showed why he wants Bellingham to grow wide.”

Please review today’s game.

“‘Real, invincible at home,’ he showed off his strength to no one this season that he didn’t lose at home.” 스포츠토토

There’s a Champions League game next week, too.

“At 5 a.m. on the 13th, the second leg of the round of 16 between Arsenal and FC Porto and FC Barcelona and Napoli will be broadcast live on SPOTV PRIME and SPOTV NOW.”