A Housekeeper On The Court Leading The Victory

Han Tae-joon, who became the league’s representative setter in his second year since his debut.
In volleyball, the offense starts with a serve reception. Usually, a libero or outside heater takes charge. Setter, the “commander on the court,” raises the toss that can penetrate the blocker’s wall. A defense that blocks the opponent’s spike and restores the right to attack is also important. While the team does not receive attention due to its spectacular scoring, “On the Court” can seek victory thanks to players who are in charge of all the work. Here are players who are shining in the non-scoring category of the V-League during the 2023-24 season.

2nd year’s main setter’s great performance, 1st place in men’s set, Woori Card Han Tae-joon

Woori Card’s Han Tae-joon is ranking first in this category with an average of 11.62 sets per set. Playing in 33 matches and 127 sets, Han has succeeded in a total of 1,476 sets, displaying stable toss.

Han, who stands 1 m80 cm tall and is rather small in terms of men’s setters, ranks third among setter positions with an average of 0.213 blocks per set. He also has a high defensive contribution.

Born in 2004, Han joined Woori Card as the fourth choice in the first round of the 2022 Rookie of the Year Draft instead of going to college after graduating from high school. In this season’s first round match against Korean Air, he succeeded 68 sets, recording the most sets in a single game, and became the main player of Woori Card. By proving his amazing skills, he is solidifying his position as the next setter who will lead the league in the future.

Park Kyung-min, shining in 99s.
A little giant on the court! No. 1 in men’s receiving, Park Kyung-min of Hyundai Capital

Hyundai Capital’s Park Kyung-min ranks first in the category with 52.11 percent receiving efficiency. In addition, he ranks third in this category with an average of 2.64 digs per set, and third in this category with an average of 4.865 defense per set. He is playing an active role as a strong gatekeeper of Hyundai Capital.

Park Kyung-min is one of the Young Flare Star members born in 1999 along with Korean Air’s Lim Dong-hyuk and KEPCO’s Lim Sung-jin. He has been consistently selected as an All-Star in the V-League since his debut season. Although he is the shortest among male players this season with his height of 1 meter 70 centimeters, he has been reborn as a representative player in the league by being selected as the best 7 in the libero category in the 2021-22 season.

Korea Electric Power Corporation’s foreign national libero ryohei.
First foreign libero in the V-League! Ryohei, the first place in the ‘Men’s Dig’

Korea Electric Power Corp.’s Ryohei Iga ranks first in the two divisions with an average of 2.82 digs per set and an average of 5.35 defense per set. In the receiving efficiency category, it ranks second with a mark of 50.18 percent. It is the best Libero of this season.

Ryohei entered the V-League through the first Asian quarter this season. He became the first expat libero. He also played in the 2023-24 V-League All-Star Game and won the Best Libero Award in an event game.

Kim Da-in, commander of Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s field.
First place in the women’s set, Kim Dain of Hyundai Engineering & Construction

Hyundai Engineering and Construction’s main setter Kim Dain is ranked first in this category this season, making an average of 11.6 sets per set. In this season’s second round match against Korea Expressway Corporation, Kim Dain also broke the record for most sets in a single game, making 62 sets per game.

She also serves well. She ranks fourth in the serve category with an average of 0.23 per set. She was named the MVP of this season’s fourth round. She has been recognized as the best setter in the league, winning the best 7 (setter) in succession from 2021 to 2022 and 2022 to 23.

Lim Myeong-ok of “Living Legend.”
No. 1 in women’s receiving, Korea Expressway Corporation (KORO) Lim Myeong-ok

Korea Expressway Corporation’s Lim Myeong-ok ranks first in this category with an average of 8.015 defense per set. With 56.68 percent of high receiving efficiency, he ranks first in receiving and third in this category with an average of 4.87 digs per set, keeping a solid defense behind Korea Expressway Corporation.

Currently, Lim ranks first in this category with 6,462 cumulative receptions and 17,107 successful fielding. She has played in 2,099 sets in 557 matches, the largest number of matches played by a female player in history, demonstrating her performance as a “living legend” in the V-League. She boasts of robustness. 스포츠토토