North Korean Women’s Soccer Coach Reacts to South Korea Sensitive After Defeat Against Japan

I don’t answer to the Korean media.

The reaction of North Korean women’s national soccer team coach Ri Yoo-il to the press conference drew keen attention in Japan.

Japanese media reported in unison that Lee, who lost the match against Japan on the 29th, expressed regret with tears but expressed hostile feelings toward the Korean media.

The North Korean women’s soccer team, led by head coach Ri, lost to Japan 1-2 in the final preliminary match of the women’s soccer Asian qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics held at the Tokyo National Stadium on Sunday. Japan, which had an overall score of 0-0 following the first match, confirmed its sixth participation in the Olympic qualifying round, while North Korea was eliminated.

According to Japanese media, at a press conference after the game, head coach Lee said, Everyone did their best, the game was great, and when asked by a reporter from a Korean newspaper A, he cut off the interpreter and suddenly opened his mouth.

A Korean reporter’s question was, What do you think the loser is? It was an ordinary question. However, Lee reportedly expressed displeasure, saying, I am very sorry, but I will not answer the question because it is a media outlet that bothers us.

Lee Yu-il, head coach of the North Korean women’s soccer team.
Japanese media analyze that the reason why head coach Lee responded like this was because of the commotion that occurred on the media day before the game (27th). At a pre-press conference held at Tokyo National Stadium on the 27th, a reporter from B Broadcasting Corporation, a general programming channel, asked, I wonder where the power of the North Korean women’s soccer team comes from.

Reacting to the use of the term North Korea, Ri said, I’m sorry, but we have to call the name of the country accurately. We are not a North Korean team, but a team from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, thus freezing the atmosphere at the venue.

The Japanese media RONSPO said, Since newspaper A and broadcaster B are media companies of the same department, they seem to have refused to answer newspaper A’s answer due to lingering resentment over broadcaster B’s speech method the previous day, adding, The historical conflict between South Korea and North Korea has been brought into the sports coverage site.

Meanwhile, Lee shed tears at the loss, saying, Our compatriots have shown great support, but we failed to produce good results. I am so sorry. 토토사이트 추천