Busan Recruited Kwon Sung-yoon, a former FC Seoul Youth Winger

Busan I-Park will strengthen its side by recruiting winger Kwon Sung-yoon from FC Seoul Youth.

Born in 2001, Kwon Sung-yoon went through FC Seoul youth Osan Middle School and Osan High School, and has been recognized for his talent by consistently being selected for the national team by age.

Kwon Sung-yoon joined Seoul as a priority in 2020 and made his debut in October of that year, showing his bold ability to break through, impressing fans. The following year, when coach Park Jin-seop took office in Seoul, he was frequently appointed as a substitute resource and experienced many first-division leagues at a young age, playing 12 games in 2021 and 10 games in 2022.

Last year, he moved to Daejeon Korail on loan and played as the main player, showing excellent performance with two goals and four assists in 26 games. Kwon Sung-yoon, who has gained experience by receiving opportunities every year since his professional debut, is expected to play an immediate role in Busan as a sense of strength. 토토사이트 추천

Kwon Seong-yoon is a winger resource with excellent penetration ability and activity using individual skills. His unique gritty play and sincerity are also advantages. The main position is wing forward, but he will also be used as a wingback in Seoul and be used as a side multi-resource for Busan.

Kwon Sung-yoon said, “I will try hard to show my fans fun and enjoyable soccer by playing hard with Jo Wi-je and Lee Jung, who were born in 2001 and are now playing in Busan.”