New conference and convention spaces are coming to Circa Resort & Casino

For the first time in 40 years, Circa Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas will showcase its 35,000-square-foot conference and convention space this September. When it opened in late 2020, it transformed the city’s landscape with unrivalled amenities and architecture. The opening of the new event space marks the next stage of Circa’s evolution and offers an entirely new option for planners seeking a more luxurious and lively Las Vegas experience away from the strip.

“With conferences and conventions making a big return to Las Vegas, we’re excited to introduce you to an incredible new venue for this moment,” said Derek Stevens, CEO of Circa. “Since its opening, we’ve been working tirelessly to meet our next growth phase and provide an amazing experience for conference planners and attendees. At our core, we love having great events, and we’ve been thinking of every detail to help you do so at any size, with our resort in the background.”

Available for immediate reservation at a downtown Las Vegas casino resort, the property offers the best audio and visual capabilities for groups of up to 1,000 guests, customized spaces for groups of up to 1,000 guests, and top-notch customer service. Click here for an overview of Sirka’s conference and event spaces.

Sirka’s conference and convention offerings come with ballrooms, breakout rooms and banquet spaces, adjacent pre-function spaces, and a 1,600 sq ft solid outdoor terrace. Equipped to complement Sirka’s midcentury, art deco, and modern design motifs, the space was designed by JCJ Architecture with Steelman Partners’ original design concept.

advanced technology

The space in the car will be easily equipped with state-of-the-art technology on site. Special environmental measures are in place and include LED lights that adjust temperatures to suit the changing ecosystem and an adaptive intelligent controlled HVAC system.

The facility also includes 16KLU laser projectors, switchable screens, audio tie lines, patchy Ethernet tie lines, patchy single-mode fiber strands paired with LC connectors, quad outlets, LED screens, and more.

Customizable meeting space

With adaptability and customization in mind, all spaces were planned with a variety of configurations and combination seating to meet the needs of conference planners. Following from Sirka’s tradition of honoring Las Vegas’ history, each of the five main conference spaces is named after the iconic Las Vegas Motel from the past:

Galaxy: The Cirka’s largest conference room, the Galaxy, shares its name with the short-lived Galaxy Motel. The four adjacent conference rooms will sport 14,456 square feet of space and a 1,677-square-foot outdoor terrace overlooking the city. The Galaxy Ballroom is designed to host a variety of events with audio-visual features, pull-rigging, and a large LED screen with partition walls that open the Ballroom to a pre-functioning space.

Starlite: Opened in the 1950s and still operating today, Starlite gained popularity due to its rooms that began during the height of the space age. The space covers 3,572 square feet of space across three rooms and includes access to audio-visual, full connectivity, and pre-function spaces.

Carousel: The rafters are located in the grounds of the carousel, a casino where guests can dine on a variety of delicacies for 96 cents. The conference space offers 1,651 square feet across three rooms and provides access to audiovisual and pre-functioning spaces.

Ambassador: Ambassador vintage signage, which began as an apartment in the 1930s and ran as a motel until 2007, is still available in downtown Las Vegas. Two Ambassador meeting spaces in Circa have built-in audiovisual and can reserve a total of 1,055 square feet with pre-function space available together.

La Concha: The La Concha Motel, described as “Jetson and coffee shop meet,” was built on a short budget and has been in operation for 45 years. The La Concha rooms in Circa have 920 square feet of space, with audio-visual functionality and access to pre-function space.

Bonanza Office: Bonanza Office is named after the iconic Bonanza Casino, and now Bali is on the Strip. The hard-walled office space features 192 square feet of private space.

Sasha Lee, sales director at Circa, said, “In addition to the new conference space, planners can book events throughout the resort in creative spaces, such as the world’s largest sports book, year-round swimming pool amphitheater, and famous chef’s restaurant. We have worked hard to create a unique conference experience, and our team of experts will help you create an event venue where you can work hard and play hard later on.”

world-class amenities

Meeting options outside the event space include a hotel suite in Circa, a cocktail lounge on the 60th floor, and a restaurant and entertainment space:

Sweet Life: At 458 feet and 35 stories high, Sirka’s hotel tower is the tallest building north of the Las Vegas Strip, offering breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding mountains. Sirka’s rooms, with design elements that pay homage to vintage Vegas, range from 439 to 1,830 square feet.

Founder’s Suite: The largest room, Founder’s Suite, boasts 1,830 square feet with two bedrooms, living room, dining area, bar, and strip view, and is a unique meeting option within the Circa collection.

Hospitality Suite: The Hospitality Suite offers 1,612 square feet of space for a variety of functions, and features a spacious dining table, marble bar, and a living room with a variety of seating options.

Legacy Club: Sitting high on the 60th floor of Sirka’s hotel tower, the 9,330-square-foot Legacy Club offers stunning 360-degree views of Las Vegas and is complemented by an upscale lounge, fire pit, and expanded outdoor terrace with iconic artwork. The venue can accommodate 200 seats or 400 standing guests and host private and semi-private events.

Vegas Vicki Cocktail Lounge: The elevated lobby cocktail lounge in Circa, Vegas Vickie’s, surrounds the iconic neon kickcockgirl sign directly. The 130-person space is only suitable for cocktail receptions.

World’s Largest Sportsbook: The Circa is home to the world’s largest sportsbook, boasting a 78-megapixel screen capable of playing up to 19 games at a time. The space has a capacity of 1,000 people, 350 stadium seating capacity, and is ideal for sports betting groups.

Stadium Swim: Stadium Swim, the country’s largest swimming pool destination for sports fans, is open 24 hours a day and features a 143-foot diagonal screen for the day’s biggest events. The pool amphitheater is available for a semi-private event for groups of 4,000 people or in full. 슬롯

Restaurants: Circa offers five new dining experiences that celebrity chefs offer in Vegas, making it ideal for restaurant owners to have a dining experience before, after, or during a meeting:

Chef Barry S. Dakake’s first downtown venture, Barry’s Downtown Prime, has 17,000 square feet of space and can accommodate up to 350 guests. The restaurant can also customize the experience with flowers and AVs and has floor plans to isolate or accommodate large gatherings;

8 East, Chef Dan Coughlin’s first pan-Asian restaurant is home to a private dining room for 16 guests and features a state-of-the-art understanding of pan-Asian cuisine;
Chef Rex Bernales’ Project BBQ is the Fremont Street Experience’s first permanent food truck and Carolina barbecue joint, featuring a front yard that can accommodate 50 people in the heart of the downtown entertainment scene;
Chris Sotiropoulos and Grace Keros’ Victory Burger & Wings from American Coney Island feature a secluded view of the world’s largest sports book. Their menu features mouthwatering burgers, wings, and appetizers
Detroit restaurateur Paul Saginaw is home to Delhi, which serves its favorite breakfast and world-famous sandwiches. It is so large that you need both hands to eat them.
A full kitchen will be dedicated to the convention space in Circa to provide a delicious food and beverage experience, elevating any event to an unforgettable one.