Legendary Stinging Review Of Tottenham DF

At the most important moment when farming should bear fruit in a single season, the team is facing the biggest crisis. This is the story of Captain Son Heung-min, who ranks fifth in the English Premier League after losing four consecutive games, and Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Tottenham lost 2:4 at an away match against Liverpool in the 36th round of the EPL held in Anfield, Liverpool, England on Wednesday. Hishalisson and Son Heung-min recovered two goals after being dragged away by allowing four goals, but the score was not enough to reverse the situation. Son scored his 17th goal in the league and his 120th career goal in his 300th game, matching “Liverpool legend” Steven Gerrard, but this was no comfort to his team in the face of consecutive losses.

An altercation was also witnessed between defenders entering the locker room immediately after finishing the first half by giving up the first goal to Mohamed Salah in the 16th minute of the first half and Andy Robertson in the 45th minute of the first half and losing 0-2. The situation was settled when the goalkeeper Vicario ran out and actively mediated the two players, separating them as vice-captain Christian Romero and full-back Emerson Royal were about to complain to each other.

Sky Sports commentator Roy Keane, who witnessed the scene, defended the altercation as a positive sign for Tottenham and urged the two players to better defend themselves. “In general, this kind of behavior means that we pay attention to the content of the game, so we don’t worry too much about such an altercation,” Keane said. “But this kind of aggression has to come from the defense. Tottenham were so, so, so poor throughout the first half.” “I don’t care about such quarrels at all, but we have to bring that kind of assertiveness and aggression to the play on the field. I haven’t seen anything like that at Tottenham today,” he said repeatedly.

Tottenham manager Angie Postecoglou also defended their arguments in an interview after the game. “That means they care that much about the situation, and they are never satisfied with the current situation,” he said. “It happened because they care about their performance and want to improve. There is nothing wrong with constructive arguments. They want change, and they just don’t want to accept the situation as it is.”

Salah’s first goal in the first half of the day came from spinning Royale from the back of the net and heading in, and Tottenham’s defense continued to falter under Liverpool’s offensive right after the heated altercation at half-time. 토토 Cody Gakpo’s third goal came out when Royal gave up a cross to Harvey Elliott in the fifth minute of the second half, and Romero’s failure to manage the line led to his fourth goal to Elliott in the 14th minute of the second half. With the team losing 0-4, despite Son Heung-min’s struggles and pursuit at the end of the second half, they failed to prevent a four-game losing streak.

After losing 0-4 to Newcastle on the 13th of last month, they lost 2-3 in North London Derby against Arsenal on the 28th and 0-2 in Chelsea away on the 6th, and lost only 4 points in 4 games until the 2-4 defeat against Liverpool on the same day.

When asked about the meaning of his record of 300 matches and 120 goals, Captain Son Heung-min replied in an interview with Sports Chosun after losing four games in a row, “That (goal record) doesn’t matter in the current situation. I just think about how I can lead my team better under such a difficult situation.”