Munich without KIM ‘Super Emergency’

Thomas Tuchel, head coach of Bayern Munich, is in a dilemma. In the absence of Kim Min-jae, there were a series of injuries to the defense and midfielders.

Tuchel said at a press conference before the game against Augsburg at the Munich campus in Bayern Germany on the 26th that a large number of injuries occurred.

Munich will face Augsburg in the 19th round of the Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season at the WWK Arena in Augsburg at 11:30 p.m. on the 27th.

In second place 14 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses, 44 points, Munich won the 10th place 5 wins, 6 draws, 7 losses, 21 points away from Augsburg and has to chase Bayer Leverkusen 15 wins, 3 draws, 48 points.

Munich won 1-0 with Rafael Geheiro’s winning goal in the 13th round match against Union Berlin at Allianz Arena, their home stadium, on the 25th, earning three points.

However, in the 18th round of the league against Werder Bremen at home on the 21st, they lost 0-1 to Mitchell Weiser. Munich, which lost to Bremen for the first time in 16 years, began to widen its gap with Leverkusen, which continued its unbeaten run.

Munich faced another bad news when it had to continue its pursuit. This is because the main defenders Dayo Upamecano and Yosua Kimmich were injured.

In particular, Kimmich grabbed his shoulder and left the stadium after the match against Union Berlin, causing anxiety, but he eventually suffered a shoulder injury.

Upamecano and Konrad Reimer will be absent this week, Tuchel told a news conference. Rimer has played every game so far. That’s why he was overloaded. We have to make amends for that. We planned well and prepared well. Of course, we had a lot of injuries in the last game.

Kimihi can’t play tomorrow. His shoulder needs to be fixed and he will be watching every week. We can’t predict how long it will take, he added. Rimer has been confirmed to have a calf injury and Upamecano has a hamstring injury, the media added.

Kimihi is scheduled to undergo a shoulder test again within this week and will decide how to proceed with treatment depending on the situation, German media Bild further said, adding, It is not clear how much Kimihi will leave in the current situation.

If the three players are absent at the same time, the Munich defense is on alert. Currently, the main defenders Kim Min-jae and Nusair Mazraoui are missing the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Qatar Asian Cup and the CAF Ivory Coast Nations Cup, respectively.

On top of that, the main center back Upamecano, Kimimi, who plays the role of No. 6 midfielder, and Reimer, who sees the right fullback, will leave at the same time. From Tuchel’s point of view, it has reached the point where it is hard to figure out how to organize the players.

The center back is a situation that Matthijs Dericht and Eric Dier have to see, and the right fullback is completely wiped out, so I don’t even know who to use.

We don’t have midfielders. We don’t have Kimihi, we don’t have Reimer. That’s why Leon Goretzka can’t be lowered by defense either. In terms of all possibilities, Goretzka and Aleksandar Pavlovic should be placed in the midfield, and Duriht and Dier should be the central defenders, Tuchel predicted.

As for tomorrow’s game, he said, We want to win the game and don’t mind the previous situations. We only want to see tomorrow and move forward. 메이저사이트