Klopp’s Successor, Alonso, Left Open The Possibility

Leverkusen Xavi Alonso was mentioned as a successor, with Jurgen Klopp saying he will complete his accompanying with Liverpool at the end of this season.

Klopp will leave Liverpool. Liverpool announced on its official website on Wednesday that Klopp has decided to step down as Liverpool manager after the end of the season.

I understand that this news is a shock to a lot of people, Klopp said. He then said goodbye by saying, I’m out of energy. Obviously, I’ve known for a long time that it’s something that needs to be announced someday. I don’t have any problems at all right now, but I know I can’t continue to do this.

It was shocking news. Since taking the helm of Liverpool in 2015, Klopp has created the strongest European team in Liverpool. Liverpool has also won numerous trophies including the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, the EFL Cup, and the FA Cup of England. Liverpool is leading the league in this season as well.

After Klopp said he was leaving Liverpool, a successor has already been mentioned. It is Leverkusen coach Xavi Alonso, who is making a splash this season.

Alonso was a legend for Liverpool as a player. He played 210 games for Liverpool alone, scoring 18 goals and 20 assists, and winning the UEFA Champions League in the 2004-05 season.

Manager Alonso’s Leverkusen is currently the only team in Europe’s five major leagues that has not broken its unbeaten march. Now that the Bundesliga has turned the corner, it is leading the league by four points ahead of second-place Bayern Munich. It is no wonder that Klopp is mentioned as a successor because his ability as a coach was excellent and he was a legend who was loved by Liverpool fans a lot when he was a player.

Alonso spoke out about it. The Sun reported on Wednesday that Alonso spoke out about Klopp after he decided to leave Liverpool.

According to media reports, Alonso said he is still focusing on Leverkusen. He said, I was surprised by the announcement of Klopp’s resignation. I still have great respect for Klopp and Liverpool.

I’m focusing on Leverkusen. My focus is not May (the end of the season) but tomorrow’s game, Alonso added.

He also answered the question, Can you rule out taking the helm of Liverpool next season? Alonso said, Honestly, I have no direct answer. I am happy here. He said, I will keep some promise open, but I will focus on my current team. 먹튀검증