Manchester United’s new CB confirmed ‘Goodbye’ this summer

Manchester United has a demand for center back. This is because French national Raphael Varane, who was a world-class defender, leaves Manchester United this summer.

Paul O’Rourke, a reporter from the British media “Football Insider,” announced the news on his SNS on the 9th. “Manchester United will allow Varane to transfer to a free agent in the coming summer,” he said. “Baran has a clause that allows him to leave freely in three months.”

Varane, who came to Manchester United in 2021 after playing for the Spanish giants Real Madrid, played for his current team for three seasons and played 93 games. He boasted his undying position as a key defender of Manchester United, but he was somewhat slow this season. He played in 30 matches, including 21 Premier League matches this season, and was used as a backup as he was not selected by coach Eric Turnhach.

Because Manchester United center backs are so hurt this season, Varane often started when he was not injured.

Initially, Varane’s contract was known to expire at the end of 2025, but it was not. After the contract ended this summer, there was an option to extend it by one year, but both sides seem to have no intention of exercising the option.

Baran, 31, is being seduced by a Saudi Arabian club with a large amount of oil money.

With Varane’s departure, Manchester United will accelerate its bid to recruit a center back in the next season. With Varane leaving the team, English national team member Harry Maguire has been mired in rumors of a move to West Ham United that was canceled last summer. Swedish defender Viktor Lindalev is also likely to be included in the transfer list. Johnny Evans, who is in his mid-30s, can only be used as a rotation player.

From the perspective of the global center back, there is a huge market called Manchester United.

Of course, it could be good news for Kim Min-jae, who has rapidly lost his position in Bayern Munich. Munich once confessed that it had suffered a lot from Manchester United’s pursuit when bringing in Kim Min-jae last summer. At that time, there was a view that Kim Min-jae was right to go as Manchester United’s three-option center back because two combinations, Baran and Lisandro Martinez, were alive, but now Baran has disappeared and Martinez has continued to suffer from injuries, changing the situation.

Recently, along with Italy’s prestigious Inter Milan, Manchester United has been showing off their popularity, such as sending love calls to Kim Min-jae again. Already, a composite photo of Kim Min-jae wearing a Manchester United red uniform is circulating among fans.

Not long ago, Italian media such as “La Gazeta delo Sport” reported Inter Milan’s Kim Min-jae love call. Inter Milan plans to push for a lease to cover part of Kim Min-jae’s annual salary, which amounts to 14.5 billion won, as funds are insufficient. 안전놀이터