Son Heung-min’s uniform that sells 1,000 copies a day, he’s Tottenham’s heart

“Son Heung-min is Tottenham’s heart and the brightest lifeline in the era of Enze Postecoglou.”

The British media “The Times” expressed Son Heung-min 32 in an article titled “Son Heung-min became more popular than Harry Kane at Tottenham” on the 6th.

The Times compared Harry Kane 31, who left Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League EPL to move to Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga, with Son Heung-min.

“Kane was the symbol of Tottenham, who grew from Tottenham Youth Team to the best player in the club,” the media said. “But he left, and since then, Son Heung-min has become the heart of the team.” “He has become the shining lifeline of the era of Enze Postecoglou.”

“On the day of the Tottenham game, about 700 Son Heung-min uniforms have been sold,” he said, adding, “Since Kane left, more than 1,000 Son Heung-min uniforms have been sold a day.”

The Times said of Son, “He is cheerful and sociable, but as a captain, he also wants a high standard.” The media added, “He emphasized responsibility, action, and discipline after being appointed as Tottenham’s new captain.”

“The reason why Son Heung-min is loved so much at Tottenham is that he feels happy where he is now,” he said. “Kane, who was destined to leave the team one day from the fans’ point of view, was replaced by Son Heung-min, who always felt a sense of belonging to Tottenham.”

Recently, Son has set a new record of 400 total caps for Tottenham. Having joined Tottenham in August 2015, Son achieved the record in his ninth season. This is a great record with only 14 players at Tottenham, which was founded in 1882 and has a 142-year history.

Son has scored 15 goals and nine assists in the EPL, and is close to achieving the “10-10” 10 goals and 10 assists in the league. Earlier, Son scored 17 goals and 10 assists in the 2020-2021 season to achieve the goal of 10-10.

Tottenham ranks fourth in the UEFA Champions League. With 60 points 18 wins, six draws, and seven losses, Tottenham is ahead of Aston Villa 18 wins, six draws, and eight losses with the same points. The two teams competing for fourth place have seven more games to play in the league Tottenham and six more games to play Aston Villa, respectively. 토토사이트 순위