Lee Jeong-hoo’s super catch, who caught an expected batting average of 80%, wowed SF fans

San Francisco Giants’ Lee Jung-hoo 26 showed his best defense since his Major League debut.

Lee Jung-hoo started as the first center fielder in the 2024 Major League Baseball game against the San Diego Padres at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, on the 7th.

As the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the first inning when San Francisco was losing 0-4, Lee hit a changeup of 86.4 miles per hour 139.0 kilometers on the third pitch by San Diego right-handed starter Michael King, but was caught ground out by the first baseman. With one out in the third inning, he hit a slider of 86.4 miles 139.0 kilometers on his second pitch, but was out by hitting a grounder to the second baseman this time.

Lee, who had some regrets about his performance in the fifth inning, displayed remarkable defense in the top of the fifth inning. With no runners at the batter’s box, Jackson Merrill hit San Francisco starter Keaton Win’s second 88.4-mile 142.3 kilometers splitter, which allowed him to hit a huge 103.5-mile 166.6 kilometers pitch. After chasing after the ball that was flying along the long-distance route, Lee hit the outfield fence and caught Merrill’s ball with a great jump catch. The ball had a flying distance of 394 feet 120 meters and an expected batting ratio of 80 percent, but Lee’s fast foot and good defense judgment increased the out count.

San Francisco fans in the outfield who watched Lee Jung-hoo’s great defense before their eyes went crazy for his great defense, chanting, “Jung Huri! Jung Huri!”

Lee Jung-hoo, who signed a six-year, 113 million-dollar contract with San Francisco this season, showed good performance by hitting seven hits and one home run in his first six games since his debut, but remained silent by hitting no hits in seven times at bat in the last two games. Prior to the game, he had a batting average of 226 percent seven hits in 31 times at bat, one homer, four RBIs, two runs scored and an OPS of .620. 온라인 슬롯