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“I’m having a good life in Korea.”

KIA Tigers new foreign pitcher James Nail is a big help to the team at the beginning of the season.

Nail signed a total of $950,000 including a down payment of $200,000, an annual salary of $350,000, an option of $150,000 and a transfer fee of $250,000.

Nail had a 1.40 hold ERA in 17 major league games without losing or losing, and a 2.15 ERA in 155 minor league games 35 starts with 27 wins, 17 losses, 3 saves, 20 holds, and a 4.15 ERA.

Last season, he played 10 games for the St. Louis Cardinals with an ERA of 8.80 without losing or losing, and 31 games three starts in the minor league with an ERA of 3.66 with 5 wins, 3 losses, 3 saves and 5 holds.

The team is still in the early days of this season, but the team is displaying good pace. At a game against the Lotte Giants in Gwangju on March 27, he allowed one run with five hits one homer and one strikeout with nine outs, and at a game against the KT Wiz in Suwon on March 3, he allowed five hits with no outs and seven strikeouts, and one run non-earning in six innings. He has won two games, an earned run average of 0.75 with 16 strikeouts.

In particular, like Eric Peddy Chicago White Sox, who dominated the KBO league last season, he is shaking batters with sweeper.

KT manager Lee Kang-chul said, “Swiper is better than Pedi. It’s perfect for Korean baseball,” while KIA manager Lee Bum-ho also said, “I’m always looking forward to getting my nails done. I hope you continue that kind of pitching. I’m adjusting well to Korean baseball.”

Nail, whom I recently met, said, “I’m having a good life in Korea. The team is good. I don’t have a big problem adjusting to Korean baseball. It’s important to be good at baseball, but I think it’s also important to learn culture.”

I couldn’t help but talk about the sweeper.

“I used sweeper for the first time in 2023. Before that, I used a slider and curve ball. St. Louis, my former team, recommended throwing pitches that can move up and down or left and right. Since then, I started throwing consistently,” he said.

Having enjoyed playing as a sweeper last season, he had 20 wins and six losses with 209 strikeouts and a 2.00 ERA in 30 games last season. He signed a two-year, $15 million contract with the Chicago White Sox of the Major League Baseball, and successfully entered the U.S. again.

Nail said, “I’m closer to Crowe than I am. I heard he did a very good job in Korea, but I hope he does that much.”

They are adapting to Korean baseball as well as culture. ABS automatic ball/strike system, which was introduced for the first time in the world, also has no problem.

“Korean beef is delicious, and stir-fried spicy pork is also delicious. Kimchi is good. I am adjusting well to the food,” he said. “Korean players are excellent. They are smart when they take the batter’s box. I am sure what they have in mind.”

“I know that Korean baseball itself steals bases boldly when it is fast and goes to the base. That’s why it’s important to throw well in the strike zone. If you give a walk, you have a lot of chances to play. I’m making it a priority to put it in the strike zone.”

“In my case, I like it better when a referee sees it. Of course, you cannot be perfect because you are a human being. You cannot make mistakes. However, I think that is also one of the fun elements of baseball,” he said. “ABS is a system that is fair to everyone. It is important to accept and adapt to it.” 안전놀이터