Corey Seager to Perform Sports Hernia Surgery

Texas Rangers starting shortstop Corey Seager 29 underwent surgery.

Local media, including “MLB ,” quoted the Rangers club’s announcement on the 31st, saying Seager underwent sports hernia surgery on Tuesday local time.

The surgery was carried out in Phoenix, Arizona, and Seager will continue his rehabilitation in Arizona.

Seager was injured at the end of last season. It turned out that he played despite the injury during the postseason. He contributed to his team’s World Series victory by posting a postseason batting average of 0.318, six homers and 12 RBIs.

He took a break during the offseason to look for improvement, but eventually decided to have surgery.

He will not participate in the spring camp, which starts in mid-February. However, he still has a chance to play in the season opener.

Rangers general manager Chris Young said in an interview with local media, “At first, I thought I would rest and get better, but in the end, I learned that I had to choose between hoping that my condition would not deteriorate while I was treating or fixing it now. After consulting with the medical staff, I realized that fixing it now is the most likely way to succeed and decided on it,” he said.

“We are not too worried when we consider the details of the surgery, Seager’s sincerity and commitment to rehabilitation. We have previous experiences that exceeded our expectations after returning from surgery. We are hoping that he will be able to play in the opening game given the details of the surgery, the expected recovery time and his ability. But I don’t want to be very sure now,” he continued.

If Seager can participate in the season opener, he is expected to choose to focus on playing at-bats through simulation games for the season opener.

Seager also suffered a knee injury during camp in 2016, when he was with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and played only 20 at-bats in eight exhibition games, but he had joined the opening roster.

Seager, a former 2016 NL MVP, is set to enter the third season of a 10-year, $325 million contract with Texas in the 2024 season. 스포츠토토사이트

Texas will open against the Chicago Cubs on March 28 at Globe Life Field, its home stadium.