New York Hits Significant Milestone Higher Than Sports Betting Operator’s $3 Billion Monthly Revenue

New York’s Sports Betting Earnings Report was released, and the week has been very successful since it topped $3 billion last month. The Game Board released adjusted gross earnings for the week ended Jan. 21, and that was more than $47.5 million.

Important milestones:

New York and New Jersey are currently the only states with monthly revenues exceeding $3 billion. The December catch also hit an all-time high with revenues of $189.3 billion.

Betting apps in the U.S. are also more popular than ever. Since launching in January 2022, last week was the seventh-most successful ever, with nearly $30 million in revenue. The record came in at $67.3 million for the week ended Jan. 14.

Last week’s processing was $490.7 million, making the week the sixth-highest ever, thanks in large part to the NFL Divisional Round Playoffs. 온라인카지노

The AGR has been positive for all operators across the country, so New York has a 51% rate when it comes to mobile betting, so the state earns more than $24.2 million in taxes.

The duration of success for New York operators:

As Sports Handle reported, FanDuel was the most successful operator in New York, earning more than $25 million in just a week. The operator is expected to put New York on the shortlist of four states nationwide that once again surpasses nine figures, as New York is on track to hit $100 million in sales, as it has brought in a value of $610.8 million.

DraftKings also had a very successful period. It was the only operator where Sportsbook achieved $1 billion in revenue. BetMGM was also successful with a $2.2 million shipping fee, which is $137,000 more than Caesars.

Balibet succeeded in earning more than $2 million per share, a significant milestone since its first foray into New York. Resorts World generated significant revenue, as did WinBet, which was $2.2 million.

Other sports books are also trying to achieve significant milestones. Resort World is approaching $500,000 in monthly sales with a $1.8 million handling, while Winbet achieved less than 4% of the market share with $1.9 million.

Fanatics’ PointsBet was back on track with an $8.5 million annual bet for the first time since the 2023 NFL Divisional Round. The operator’s revenue was $522,000.

BetRiver earned more than $650,000 on its weekly earnings for the fifth consecutive week. Handling was $12.3 million, with earnings of $741,000.