China executes South Korean drug lord for first time in 9 years.

A South Korean man sentenced to death for drug offenses in China was executed today (April 4).

This is the first time in nine years since 2014 that an actual execution has been carried out on a South Korean prisoner sentenced to death in China.

“We have been informed that the death penalty was executed today (April 4) for a Korean national sentenced to death for selling drugs in China,” a Foreign Ministry official said, adding that the Chinese side had informed us in advance through diplomatic channels.

“Our government regrets that the death penalty has been carried out against our national on humanitarian grounds,” the official said, adding that “our government has requested several times through various channels since the sentencing to reconsider or postpone the execution on humanitarian grounds.”

The man was arrested in China in 2014 for attempting to sell five kilograms of methamphetamine, and was sentenced to death in both the first trial in 2019 and the second in November 2020.

The death penalty was later ratified by the Supreme People’s Court, and the sentence was reportedly carried out today by the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

The man had reportedly sold drugs on several occasions prior to his arrest, and was reportedly making a real profit.

Under Article 347 of China’s Criminal Law, smuggling, selling, transporting, or manufacturing more than one kilogram of opium, 50 grams of methamphetamine, or heroin is punishable by death, life imprisonment, or a sentence of 15 years or more.

Six South Koreans have previously been executed in China: one for drug offenses in 2001 and one for murder in 2004, and four for drug offenses in 2014.

There are currently more than 70 South Korean nationals imprisoned in China on drug-related charges, 먹튀검증 none of whom have reportedly been sentenced to death.

“The executions are not related to the bilateral relationship,” the Foreign Ministry official added.