Chinese Academy of Sciences-France’s Institut Pasteur ends 19-year collaboration.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences and France’s Institut Pasteur, one of the world’s largest research organizations, have ended a 19-year collaboration.

The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong reported today that the “Pasteur Institute of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences” sign was replaced with “Shanghai Institute of Immunity and Infection, Chinese Academy of Sciences” on March 26.

The institute’s website has also been renamed.

Previously, the Pasteur Institute established the Shanghai Pasteur Institute in 2004 in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly research SARS and avian influenza, which was seen as a symbol of scientific diplomacy between China and France.

However, in March, the Pasteur Institute announced that it had decided to end its collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The reasons cited for the end of the collaboration included an exodus of researchers due to budget shortfalls and dissatisfaction with the way the institute is run, 카지노사이트넷 according to the South China Morning Post, “another sign of China’s decoupling from the West in science and technology.”