Adam Schenck Of The U.S. Hit His Second Shot With About 240 Meters

In the first round of the American Express on the PGA Tour held at Pitt Die Stadium Course (par 72) in Lakinta, California on the 19th, the ball hit by a player became a spectator’s cup.

Adam Schenck of the U.S. hit his second shot with about 240 meters left on the par-5 16th fairway, which missed the course. The ball, which had been flying for a long time, headed for an area where some spectators could see it, but disappeared from view like a lie. The TV camera that was broadcasting the match also missed the ball’s trajectory.

However, one of the spectators who was watching the players’ play lifted the water cup. There was a golf ball in the cup. According to the video of the game, there was no action to avoid the ball, nor was there any action to put it in the cup on purpose. The ball seems to have fallen into the cup that the spectators were holding. The broadcast commentators who watched the scene also laughed absurdly, saying, “The ball went into one spectator’s cup.”

Schenk made a birdie by dropping his third shot close to the hole without a penalty shot. During professional golf matches, a ball hit by a player often goes into an audience’s shirt or bag, but it is not easy to get into the cup he was holding. 스포츠토토