Esports Stadium to Open in Las Vegas Streep

Allied Esports and Esports Arena, the world’s leading network of e-sports stadiums, have announced plans for a new dedicated e-sports stadium to be developed at Luxor Hotel and Casino. Scheduled to open in early 2018, the new Esports Arena Las Vegas will be the first permanent e-sports stadium in Streep, and will be the center of Allied Esports’ global network of e-sports attributes across North America, Europe, and China.

Esports Arena Las Vegas will be a global hub for the esports experience, combining top-notch interactive entertainment with Las Vegas nightlife. With design and programming contributions from allied esports companies around the world, Esports Arena in North America will take the lead in bringing the Las Vegas concept to life. The naming rights opportunity for Esports Arena Las Vegas is also being considered.

“We have very ambitious expansion plans for the next two years, and when we realized it was possible to be located in Luxor, we took the opportunity to develop our flagship here,” said Jud Hannigan, CEO of Alied Esports International. “Just as Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, and Wembley Stadium are considered the most aspirational places of sports for both players and fans, Esports Arena Las Vegas will become an iconic destination for esports, complementing the city’s incredible appeal by attracting video game competitors and fans from around the world.”

Esports Arena, in partnership with Luxor and renowned design firm YWS Design & Architecture, is transforming the space currently occupied by the 30,000-square-foot nightclub into a multi-level arena with a stadium stage, LED video walls, telephoto seating, daily game stations, powerful food and beverage offerings, and state-of-the-art streaming and TV quality production studios. The arena will offer an out-of-the-box championship battery for tournaments, leagues, and high-stakes matchups in an environment designed to deliver an unrivalled fan experience.

Niklas Ryterstrom, general manager of Luxor, said, “Our company is a leader in the entertainment industry and recognizes the exciting growth of esports. With this partnership, we will once again bring new experiences to the market, boosting the city’s vast entertainment offerings.”

The Esports Arena brand was launched in Santa Ana, California, with the opening of North America’s first dedicated eSports facility in 2015. Since then, the company has attracted game developers, sponsors, and hundreds of thousands of players and fans to events in Santa Ana, and has created both an online and offline social and competitive gaming experience that reaches millions of viewers worldwide with live online and post-production content. The first step in North America’s expansion was the announcement of Esports Arena Oakland last year, which will open in the coming months.

Tyler Endres, co-founder and COO of Esports Arena, said, “Esports Arena Las Vegas will be the ultimate eSports environment that people from around the world will strive to experience first-hand. The operation and programming will be unique, as the rest of our locations are very much driven to engage and support local communities, while here in Las Vegas we are developing an approach that will also create excitement for the millions of visitors who come to the city every year.”

Esports Arena’s expansion plans are focused on creating a market-based ecosystem for the future of eSports. The company is planning to announce 10-15 Esports Arena locations in North America over the next few years and is working to address some of the challenges that exist in eSports today, including a professional path for aspiring amateurs, improving team-player relations, strengthening overall player health and financial stability, and limiting barriers of entry for sponsors. 슬롯