20-year-old Bae targets 10 attacking points for England

Bae, 20, says he “aims for 10 attacking points” as he attempts to reach England.

“I want to get 10, double-digit attacking points.”

These are Bae’s ambitious goals as he prepares to play in Europe at the age of 20.

Bae departed for England via Incheon International Airport on Aug. 28 to finalize the process of joining Stoke City in the English Professional Football Championship (second division).

Bae made his professional debut last year when he joined Daejeon Hana Citizen in the K League 2 (second division).

Over the course of a year and a half, his ‘status’ quickly rose.

First, he helped Daejeon win promotion to the K League 1, becoming a “first division leaguer” this year.

At the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023, which concluded in June, Kim was the “ace” of the Korean national team, leading them to a fourth-place finish.

His stunning goal in the round of 16 against Ecuador, in which he beat the defense and goalkeeper perfectly, was selected as one of the top 10 best goals of the tournament by FIFA itself.

In a friendly match against Spanish giants Atletico Madrid last month as part of Team K League, he showed off his strengths, including his speed and passing ability.

Coach Diego Simeone praised Bae after the game, saying, “He stood out in the first half between (our) defensive lines.”

For more than a year now, the possibility of Bae Jun-ho heading to Europe has been raised.

In addition to Stoke City, Torino (Italy) has reportedly made a formal offer. Atletico Madrid, Tottenham, Arsenal (England), Ajax (Netherlands), and other big clubs have also reportedly shown interest.

However, Bae chose Stoke City as the club that wanted him the most and where he was likely to be a regular starter.

His plan is to perform consistently well from the first year and steadily enter the big leagues such as the English Premier League (EPL).

“I’ve always dreamed of playing in Europe, and I think (Stoke City) is a ‘step’ to my final goal,” Bae said on the 28th at Incheon International Airport. My goal is to play in the big leagues and big clubs,” he said emphatically.

“I wanted to go straight to a club where I could play. I chose Stoke City because they actively wanted me.”

Stoke City is a team that was known for its “hard-nosed soccer” when it was in the EPL. It was a style of soccer that didn’t seem to fit Bae’s style of play.

“I heard that they’ve changed a lot from what they used to play,” Bae says. I watched a few games and realized that they are definitely a good team. If I adapt well, I think I can fit in well,” he said.

“I can play on the flanks or as an attacking midfielder, but Stoke City seem to want to use me as an attacking midfielder. They said that if they put me there, they would be able to utilize my strengths better.”

Looking back on the past year or so, Bae’s eyes sparkled as he said, “It was a time in my life when a lot of things changed and I experienced a lot, and thanks to that, this great opportunity came.”

At the airport, the Daejeon front desk personally organized Bae’s departure press conference. It’s a very rare sight. Usually, the player’s agent does this.

The Daejeon staff explained, “Bae Jun-ho is so important to our club that we decided to take care of him ourselves.”

Bae will be the first player to play in Europe since Daejeon was acquired by Hana Financial Group.

“The club was very supportive during the transfer process. I am very grateful to Hana Financial Group and the club. I want to maintain this relationship well,” he said.

When asked if he would consider returning to Daejeon first if he were to return to Korea in the future, Bae Jun-ho replied, 카지노사이트킴 “Of course, I think so. I am very grateful to the fans who have shown me so much love.”