Woori Bank’s Park Shin-ja Cup is a disappointing runner-up, and Toyota Yasuma is the MVP of the tournament

Toyota players are delighted after winning the Park Shin-ja Cup.

Woori Bank failed to win the Park Shin-ja Cup for the first time. Toyota of Japan has won the Park Shin-ja Cup, which has been promoted to an international competition.

Woori Bank lost 65–72 in the final match of the 2023 Woori Bank Park Shin-ja Cup against Toyota at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 3rd. Woori Bank’s Park Ji-hyun, who played the most noticeable role in this tournament, scored 15 points and 8 rebounds despite intensive checks, but failed to laugh due to his defeat in the final. Kim Dan-bi also fought hard with 22 points, but it was not enough.

It wasn’t easy from the start. It fell to 3-13 early in the first quarter. However, Park Ji-hyun’s free throw and Kim Dan-bi’s steal scored 7-13. However, the score gap widened again after losing points to Toyota Yasuma Shiori and Hirashita Aikawa. Woori Bank, which finished the first quarter 17-25, chased 32-34 with Choi Yi-sam’s mid-range shot and Park Ji-hyun and Kim Dan-bi’s three-point shot in the middle of the second quarter. However, he was dominated by Umeza and Kadisha Juna, and was hit by Yasuma by three points, trailing 36-49 in the first half.

It was difficult for Woori Bank to pull the reins of the chase in the second half. Woori Bank, which played only six to seven players in this tournament, played for two consecutive days following the semifinals against Japan’s Eneos the previous day. It was difficult to narrow the gap in the second half by reducing the limit of physical strength. Woori Bank, which was 47-60 down until the third quarter, chased Na Yoon-jung’s three-point shot to 59-68 with 2:32 left before the end of the game, but eventually lowered its head.

Toyota, who won the championship, showed off its solid teamwork in offense and defense throughout the game. It worked by moving diligently and focusing on blocking the first pass to Woori Bank’s Park Ji-hyun and Kim Dan-bi. In the attack, he targeted Woori Bank, which has a heavy foot, through a fast pass. The quality of the passwalk was different. After winning, they gathered at the half-line and danced to share the joy of winning.

Yasuma Toyota was named the MVP of the Park Shin-ja Cup.

Meanwhile, Toyota Yasuma was selected as the MVP of the tournament. It received 11 out of a total of 15 votes by reporters on-site. Yasuma moved actively from the beginning of the day and led the team to the championship with 20 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists. 스포츠토토