Woori Bank Park Ji-hyun said, “I was greedy to win, but “I learned a lot from Park Shinja Cup”

Park Ji-hyun of Woori Bank, who lost to Toyota Antelope of Japan in the final of the Park Shin-ja Cup International Competition and finished second, said, “I got a lot through the tournament.” “I will continue to practice hard,” he said, expressing his determination to resolve the disappointment of finishing second in the regular season.

After losing the final on the 3rd, Park Ji-hyun met with reporters and said, “I didn’t expect to reach the final. “I always feel like I’m doing my best in each game, but I think I’m lucky to be connected,” he said.

Park Ji-hyun said, “I was greedy to win the championship since I came to the finals, but I think I had a hard time,” adding, “I will practice hard in the future through the income I earned from the competition.”

Regarding Toyota’s match-up with Mai Kawai, he said calmly, “I’m just grateful that it’s more practice just by taking charge of me,” adding, “I think I lost the match-up because I didn’t play a big role today and the team lost in the end.”

As for the Japanese players who faced off in the tournament, “I love the fighting spirit and the shot touch.” “I feel like I’m taking a step up in all aspects,” he said adding, “In particular, Toyota did not lean to one side because all players played their respective roles well in their positions.”

When Woori Bank coach Wi Sung-woo praised Park Ji-hyun, saying, “Park Ji-hyun has really grown a lot,” he was embarrassed, saying, “I think it’s the best compliment.”

“What the coach says is good advice and motivation,” he said. “I want to be a player who responds to good words rather than just accepting them.” 스포츠토토