Woori Bank’s Park Hye-jin came back after many twists and turns and ended with a happy ending

Asan Woori Bank guard Park Hye-jin 34 created a dramatic twist in the Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball. She entered the season feeling exhausted in body and mind, and suffered injuries. There were many twists and turns, but she laughed at the end.

Park Hye-jin started the season belatedly. Due to personal reasons, she failed to properly carry out off-season training. She returned to the team with the opening game just around the corner, but due to lack of training, she needed time to regain her original form. She was injured while her physical and physical conditions were improving significantly. In December last year, she injured her right knee ligament and was diagnosed with the disease for six weeks. As a result, she was unable to engage in active training, and her condition has deteriorated again. She returned to the team at the end of the regular season, but her performance did not recover easily as if she had returned to the beginning of the season.

The turning point was the best-of-five playoff against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. Park played an average of 37 minutes in four PO matches. It was not just because of the importance of a short-term match, but she stayed on the court as long as possible to recover her physical condition. Through this, she was able to regain some level of performance. The problem was recovering her offense capability. She displayed robustness, physical stamina and defense, but her shooting balance did not improve.

However, in the championship game against Cheongju KB Stars best of five, Park Hye-jin showed off flying performance. In the third game on March 28, Park scored a decisive long-range 3-pointer to lead her team to a 62-57 victory. This shot was the catalyst. In the fourth game on March 30, Park Hye-jin scored two long-range 3-pointers, taking the lead in resisting KB Stars’ persistent pursuit. She does not usually perform ceremonies, but she seemed to have clearly revived her performance, and she actively performed ceremonies with her teammates whenever she inserted a shot in the third and fourth games, and her facial expressions were bright.

Park Hye-jin is a player who played a decisive role in Woori Bank’s eight-time league top after coach Wi Sung-woo took the helm. Kim Dan-bi was the MVP of this championship match, but thanks to Park Hye-jin’s survival, Woori Bank was able to become the champion for two consecutive seasons. 토토사이트 순위