“We are also thinking about the Mulici-Kim Hyun ‘two-top’.”

“We are also thinking about the Mulici-Kim Hyun ‘two-top’.”

That’s what Suwon Samsung head coach Yi Ki-hoon said.

Suwon Samsung will host Gimpo FC in the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 on Thursday at Suwon World Cup Stadium.

The two teams are 180 degrees apart. Suwon is currently ranked second after winning two straight matches. Most notably, they won 5-1 at home against the Jeonnam Dragons on October 10th. Gimpo, on the other hand, is in last place. They have not recorded a win in their last three matches.

Looking ahead to the showdown, Yeom said, “We want to play both pursuit soccer and result soccer, and we’ve realized that it’s not easy, so we’ll have to apply it appropriately. I told the players that when we wait, we have to make sure we wait. We are doing it through training. There are a lot of competitive situations in the K League 2. I talked to the players more about one-on-one fights. Especially Gimpo is a very competitive team, and if we lose in that area, 토토사이트 it will be difficult for us. I think we need to be stronger in one-on-one battles to keep the good momentum going. The players are not perfect in the competition, but I think they have adapted a little bit.”

Suwon utilizes a 4-3-3 tactic.

Son Seok-yong, Kim Hyun and Kim Joo-chan lead the attack. Kazuki, Kim Bo-Kyung, and Lee Jong-Sung coordinate the midfield. The defense is led by Park Dae-won Baek Dong-gyu Cho Yoon-sung Jang Ho-ik. Yang Hyung-mo will be in goal.

“Mulicic is feeling down,” said Yeom. I think it’s a positive effect. After Kim scored two goals in a row, Mulich’s attitude changed a lot. It’s positive for us that the two forwards have a sense of competition. I thought Kim should have taken the kick early on. Even if the goal doesn’t come, I’m personally thinking about the ‘two-top’ of Kim and Mulicic. I’ll go with the flow, but I keep thinking about whether I can use them well.”

In contrast, Gimpo head coach Choi Jeong-woon came out with a 3-5-2 formation. Lewis and Kwon Soon-ho will start up top. Seo Jae-min, Jang Yun-ho, Kim Kyung-joon, Choi Jae-hoon, and Lee Jong-hyun are in the midfield. The three backs are Kim Min-ho, Park Kyung-rok, and Jeong Chul. Son Jung-hyun will wear the goalkeeper’s gloves.

Gimpo reached the playoffs (PO) last season.

However, the start of this season has not been good. Due to the construction of their home stadium, they will be on the road until early May. “I think we’re on the road to becoming a good team,” says Ko. When the practice field is completed in October, I think we will be as good as any other team. This year, I think it’s a preparation process, a transitional period. We’re off to a slower start than last season. I’m not too worried about it. I believe in the players. We’ve been in worse situations and we’ve managed to stay up until now. We’re rebuilding and getting better,” he said.

“Football is not like ‘1+1=2’, there is no right answer. Suwon is a team with a lot of strengths, especially in the ‘Big Bird’ (Suwon’s home stadium), where our players have little experience. It’s an unfamiliar atmosphere. I’ve never been here before. I had never met Suwon before. My heart was pounding. This is what it’s like to be a pro. It will help us a lot. 파워볼실시간 hope we can improve through matches like this. I think it will be a more important match for us than for Suwon, and we will be able to move up. I told the players to communicate more calmly. believe in the players.”