Two Foreigners will Shake up the Chaotic V-League

Woori Card in the men’s professional volleyball division and GS Caltex in the women’s division, which share Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul as their home stadium, announced the replacement of foreign players on the same day.

Woori Card has brought in a new foreign player Artem Sushko registered name Artem in the aftermath of the injury of Mattei Kok 199 cm, the main catcher. GS replaced Iris Tolenada 174 cm, an Asian quarterfinalist who failed to play his part throughout the season, with Darin Pin Suwan registered name Darin, a former member of the Thai national team.

Both teams will have seven more games to play until the end of the regular league. With this recruitment, will Woori Card and GS be able to reach their respective goals.

First of all, Woori Card’s goal is to rank No. 1 in the regular league. Woori Card is ranking second in the league with 19 wins and 10 losses 56 points overall in this season. With one game less than the top-ranked Korean Air 19 wins, 11 losses and 58 points, Woori needs to play to regain its lead.

Woori Card, which had been at the top of the list throughout the season, started to falter in the fourth round. Woori Card allowed Korean Air to follow suit with one win and five losses in six matches in the fourth round.

Moreover, Mattei suffered from injury in the third round as well. Mattei injured his left ankle during a training session early this month, and was diagnosed with a 10-week injury. He is effectively out of the season.

For Woori Card, it was a big crisis. Mattei had 669 points in this season, ranking fifth in scoring, third in serve 0.386 points per set, fifth in open 46.37 percent success rate, seventh in quick open 57.83% success rate, seventh in quick open 57.11 percent and ninth in overall offense 51.17 percent success rate.

Woori Card, which was looking for a new foreign player quickly, announced on the 19th that it had recruited Artem on behalf of Mattei, who left due to an injury. Artem, who is from Russia, has already entered the country on the 17th.

From Woori Card’s point of view, Artem’s performance is desperately needed. It is no exaggeration to say that Woori Card will be able to achieve its goal of “ranking first in the regular league” depending on Artem’s performance in the remaining seven games. Artem has played for Korea Electric Power Corp. under the registration name “Atum” in the 2018-2019 season. At that time, he scored only 70 points in 19 sets in 5 games due to abdominal injuries.

The women’s team GS’s goal for this season is spring volleyball. GS is ranking fourth in the women’s team with 16 wins and 13 losses 45 points. It has struggled at all since it entered the fifth round. Although it is time to manage points, GS has only added two points to its name, as it had one win and four losses in the recent five games.

GS was not particularly compatible with Asian quarter players. The women’s team had the “Asian quarter wind” this season. Most Asian quarter players are leading the team, including Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s Weepawi Sitong Thailand, Heungkuk Life Insurance’s Raina Tokoku Japan, Chung Kwan-jang’s Megawatti Puttywi Indonesia, IBK Industrial Bank’s Ponfun Gerfard Thailand, and Pepper Savings Bank’s MJ Phillips Philippines.

However, GS has not benefited at all. Medi Yoku Indonesia, who was first drafted in the draft in June last year, left the team for tactical reasons and parted ways with Soraya Pomra Thailand due to personal reasons. Later, he had high hopes for Tolenada, who joined the team, but fell behind in the race to become the starting player this season, and only played in three matches and four sets in the first round.

In the end, GS chose to say goodbye to Tolenada. Although Tolenada was out of the setter, Ahn Hye-jin 175 centimeters returned from injury, which is an assessment that her team’s strength has increased. Kim Ji-won 173 centimeters and Lee Yun-shin 171 centimeters are also stable.

Darin, who replaced Tolenada, can be GS’s card to turn the mood around. GS explained about Darin, “He is considered an advantage for his fast tempo and power attack ability.” As a resource that can be used for outside heaters and apogit spikers, he is considered an advantage for his fast tempo and power attack ability.

Ahn Hye-jin, who returned from injury, and Darin, the new Asian quarter, should revive the sluggish atmosphere. If only she finds an answer, chances are high that she will join the ranks of stability in spring by bringing out performances of twin shot Kang So-hwi 180 centimeters and Gisele Silva 191 centimeters. 토토사이트 추천