The best in the K-League, Sejingya

‘The best in the K-League’ Sejingya, pride “I showed the skills of players playing in Korea”

On the afternoon of the 27th, the first leg of the Coupang Play Series, a match between the K-League and Atletico Madrid, a team made up of professional soccer K-League All-Stars, was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. In the second half, Anton scored the equalizer and was congratulated by Cesinya.

I was satisfied that Cesingya (33, Daegu FC) defeated Atletico Madrid. He showed his pride in the K-League to the fullest.

Team K-League won a 3-2 come-from-behind victory against Atletico at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 27th in a friendly match in the 2023 Coupang Play Series. Only the K-League team, which conceded 12 minutes after the start of the game, reversed the game after a fierce battle in the second half. Cezinha, who played in the second half, contributed to the defeat of Atlético by helping Anton equalize with a header with an accurate kick. 스포츠토토

Sejingya, whom we met in the Mixed Zone after the game, said, “I am happy to play in the Team K-League. It was good playing against Atletico. In this game, I think I showed the skills of Korean soccer and all the players who play in Korea. It feels good in that respect,” he laughed.

“Atletico is a good team and has a lot of good players. We also showed a lot of how Korean players (play), such as offense and defense,” he added.

Team K-League Sejingya (from left), coach Hong Myung-bo, and Kim Young-kwon held the Coupang Play Series Team K-League and Atletico Madrid (AT Madrid) at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 26th. ) taking commemorative photos at the press conference for the first game.

Cesingha represented the K-League three times, following the match against Juventus in 2019 and the match against Tottenham last year. He said, “I scored a goal in the last game, so it was better than this game. I am satisfied that the players playing in Korea are skilled and show a good game. I didn’t score a goal against Atlético, but I want to point out that I did an assist. This match was also very good,” he said. “I couldn’t change the uniform with the player I wanted, but I changed it with Molina. I will frame it and hang it up nicely.”

Cezinya, who had previously said that he wanted a match against Antoine Griezmann, but the meeting on the pitch failed. Griezmann played 45 minutes in the first half and headed to the bench, while Cesingya only stepped on the ground in the second half. Cezinha seemed satisfied with seeing Griezmann play. He said, “It is an honor to mention Griezmann. He went into the first half, bumped his body, and wanted to pass, but it was regrettable that he couldn’t. He is a player who has played in the World Cup. He looked back and said, “It was a great experience to learn about tempo.”