The Ability to Push Away Diers

Christian Romero (Tottenham) is drawing attention from Real Madrid.

“Chris Sutton claimed that Tottenham had two more important players than Son Heung-min.”

Sutton is a former striker who has played for Chelsea, Celtic and Blackburn in the past and is currently on the BBC panel.

“He was named the most valuable player after scoring one goal or two assists in the last match against Aston Villa,” Sutton said. However, Tottenham fiercely fought at Villa Park. Notably, he bothered Villa with strong pressure from the front. Mickey van der Van and Christian Romero actively defended themselves. Therefore, Van der Van and Romero are more important players than Son.”

Son Heung-min has already been recognized for his best performance. Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich, but Son Heung-min’s power is great.

Son Heung-min was also listed on the list of the Premier League’s 28th round Lee Ju-ju team selected by BBC football expert Garth Crook on the 12th.

“Son Heung-min’s one goal and two assists tell us everything,” Crook said. “There was only one winner from the start of the game.”

“In the match against Villa, Son showed off his versatility with a one-touch finish. He was the perfect fox in the box,” Son said.

“After becoming captain, Son Heung-min became a player who played for the team even more. His assistance to Johnson and Werner proves this. His assist destroyed Villa,” he added.

Tottenham produced Son Heung-min, James Madison, Christian Romero, and goalkeeper Gugliemo Vicario as team players of the BBC’s migration.

“When you see manager Angie Postecoglou forming a team, the central defense is the most important position,” Sutton said. “Van de Van and Romero have to deal with every situation. Van de Van in particular is the best recruit of the season. He is a player who catches the timing of different situations very quickly with fast speed.”

“Coach Postecoglou plays soccer with many dangerous elements. He is putting pressure on from a relatively high position. Most people highly value Son Heung-min and James Maddison, but rather, the central defense should play a big role,” he stressed.

As Sutton tells the story, Tottenham have struggled with Van der Vann missing with injury.

In the end, Romero grew to the point where Real Madrid showed interest.

“Real Madrid is planning to recruit Tottenham’s central defender Romero,” the cut-off side reported on the 15th (Korea time).

Romero, who played for Serie A Atalanta in 2020-2021, won the award for best defender.

Based on his stellar performance, Romero moved to Tottenham Hotspur in August 2021. Having enjoyed a stable season, Romero fully transferred to Tottenham for 50 million euros (72 billion won) in the summer of 2021.

Romero struggled alone last season amid the collapse of his team’s defense. Recognized for his skills at Tottenham, he was appointed as a vice-captain to support captain Son Heung-min ahead of this season.

Romero boasts excellent teamwork in defense with Mickey Van der Van, who he joined last summer. Romero has four goals in 23 official games.

Romero has matured since he was sent off against Chelsea in November last year and did not play three games. He never received a yellow or red card in 2024. Romero finished without a card in nine consecutive league matches after 16 rounds against Newcastle United.

There is a player who has been pushed to the bench due to Romero’s presence. It is Eric Dier, who is located in Bayern Munich.

Dier has been thoroughly excluded from manager Enzi Postecoglou’s plans this season. Dier has only played four games for Tottenham. Dier moved to Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga in January.

Tim Sherwood, who led Tottenham, explained that Romero was the reason Dyer had to leave.

“The reason Dier is no longer with the club is Romero. Romero is not the fastest. But he is ready to stay high on the pitch. He is in contact with his opponents and it is messy,” Sherwood said.

Sherwood added, “Romero is seasoned and willing to be a partner in Mickey Van der Van who saves everyone. Look at the speed with which he returns so quickly.” Sherwood is the first player who gave Harry Kane a chance to play in the first division when he was a Tottenham manager.

In the end, Romero became Tottenham’s best center back after Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld. He was fast and had a wide range of defense.

Although he is 186 centimeters tall, he has remarkably good ability to compete in ball games in the air. He also possesses the build-up capability, an essential virtue of a center-back in modern soccer. He could be sent off due to his overly aggressive defensive style, but he has never received a card in 2024.

Romero has become the core of Tottenham and is attracting the attention of big club Real Madrid. 메이저사이트