$84,000 jackpot at California’s casino

“Wow, I just won!” was the brainchild of Clovis’ Soban when a large cash jackpot at Table Mountain Casino came up with a random $84,979.73 on a penny machine that Soban was playing. Soban, a member of Table Mountain Casino Club since 2005, was lucky the last time she and her husband visited the casino. They decided to go back to celebrate Soban’s birthday by having fun eating delicious food and winning. It was an amazing birthday surprise for Soban when he won the massive cash jackpot. Soban joins the winners, winners, and more winners at Table Mountain Casino, where the jackpot in March totaled over $18 million. This is $18 million in March alone.

Table Mountain Casino President and General Manager Rob Goslin was excited that the large-scale cash jackpot had popped again and wished Soban good luck when he learned about his big win. He said, “What a great way to celebrate Soban’s birthday. Our players tell us over and over again how much they love large-scale cash jackpots. We are always so happy when these random jackpots burst. We wish you a happy and memorable birthday from all of Soban’s friends here at Table Mountain Casino.”

The Massive Cash Jackpot is a Player’s Club favorite, priced between $50,000 and $150,000, and is only found on slot machines at the Table Mountain Casino in Central California. When the Massive Cash Jackpot is awarded, the meter immediately resets to $50,000 and continues to rise to $150,000 or until the next Massive Cash Jackpot is released. Players Club members can win anywhere with between $50,000 and $150,000 in cash simply by inserting their club card into their machine and playing it. No winning combination is needed – this jackpot always makes a big splash and hits the jackpot. No one knows when or where this giant jackpot will hit the jackpot! 슬롯사이트 순위