Sports Climbing’ Lee Do-hyun, World Championships Bouldering’s First podium ‘Copper Medal’

Lee Do-hyun (20), a member of the national sports climbing team, won his first medal at the world championships.

Lee Do-hyun finished third behind Michael Mawom (3T2Z 812) and Mehdi Shalak (2T4Z 510, France) in the bouldering final of the 2023 IFSC Sports Climbing World Championships in Bern, Switzerland on the 5th.

This earned Lee Do-hyun the bronze medal. It is the first medal at the World Championships. In the final stage, Lee Do-hyun recorded 2T 3z 515 (two of the four tasks were completed after five attempts and three zones were caught 15 times). Lee Do-hyun will also compete in the lead and speed match on the 6th.

Lee Do-hyun won the gold medal at this year’s Prague World Cup in the Czech Republic with an overwhelming ability to complete all routes, and also won a silver medal at the Bricksen World Cup.

Lee Do-hyun told management firm All That Sports, “I’m so happy to win my first medal at the World Championships. “I will show you a good performance in the rest of the tournament,” he said.

The IFSC Sports Climbing World Championship is the highest authority and largest competition in sports climbing. The biennial World Championships will run for 12 days from the 1st to the 12th. The 2025 World Championships will be held in Seoul, South Korea.

Meanwhile, Chun Jong-won, who participated in the men’s bouldering event together, finished the bouldering competition with 20th place, Song Yoon-chan 63rd, Han Min-sung 71st place, and Kim Do-hyun 99th place. 토토사이트