Son Junho takes first steps to return to the field

After 10 months in the arms of his homeland, Son Jun-ho (32)’s soccer clock is about to start ticking again.

A source familiar with the transfer market told Sports Chosun, “Son Jun-ho is close to joining Yongsan Gunyung FC of the K5 League. An announcement will be made as soon as the player registration process with the Korea Football Association (KFA) is finalized.” After being free for 319 days, Son Jun-ho immediately found a new home and took the first steps to continue his career.

Son was recently released from a Chinese prison and returned home on the afternoon of the 25th. Son, who was arrested on charges of “bribery of a non-state official” (when a person who belongs to a company or other unit other than a government agency illegally receives property from another person using the convenience of his job), stepped onto Korean soil after completing his trial.

After a tearful reunion with his family, 카지노사이트 Son Junho posted on his social media the next day on the 26th, “I am grateful to be back safely, spend time with my family, and enjoy a normal life. I am truly grateful to the people of Korea for their attention, patience, and concern over the years,” he wrote.

After returning home, Son stayed at his home in Busan to recuperate his body and mind.

This was to ensure a quick recovery. The reason he endured the hardships of detention was to get his soccer cleats back on. He didn’t miss a single day of calisthenics during his imprisonment because he was determined to get back on the field. He also made simple dietary adjustments as a favor to the Chinese. As a result, he maintained his pre-capture weight of 73 kilograms.

His agent, NEST CEO Park Dae-yeon, began preparations for his comeback early on. He looked for a team in the K5 League, where registration is free, and joined forces with Gunyung FC. He considered joining a K League team right away, but decided that he needed to build his body in a quiet environment and work on his routine first. After Son’s return to Korea, Park’s representative accelerated the paperwork. His contract with Shandong Taishan had been terminated, but he still needed an International Transfer Consent (ITC) to move. Fortunately, the Chinese side cooperated and recently finalized the ITC. We have also met with the KFA to organize the status issues.

Once the registration process is finalized,

Son, who is scheduled to join the team in May, will play one or two games and then look for a spot in the K League. Negotiations have also begun. As soon as the news of Son Jun-ho’s return broke, K League teams showed great interest. His skills are self-explanatory. He was considered one of the best players in the Chinese Super League and was a member of the national team before his detention. He’s a rare commodity on the market, 토토사이트 추천 especially as a quality defensive midfielder. Teams in need of defensive reinforcements have been in early contact with Son’s representatives, with several teams reportedly interested, including his current club, Jeonbuk Hyundai.

Son’s return to the field is imminent.