“I can’t afford to think about my hometown team.”

“I can’t afford to think about my hometown team.”

That’s how Suwon FC head coach Kim Eun-joong “Sharp” Kim, a Daejeon legend, responded when asked how he felt about facing Daejeon for the first time since his debut as a professional manager.

Suwon FC, led by Kim Eun-joong, will host Daejeon Hana Citizen in the seventh round of the K League 1 at Suwon Sports Complex at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

Kim “Sharp” Eun-joong, a K League 1 legend, is a name that represents Daejeon. He made his professional debut as a member of Daejeon’s founding team in 1997 and played for seven seasons until 2003, retiring in 2014 after 11 years as a player-coach after leading Daejeon to the second division title and promotion as the team’s eldest brother. 안전놀이터 Daejeon’s two titles, the FA Cup in 2001 and the K League Challenge in 2014, were both won by Kim. In his professional career, Kim scored 123 goals and 56 assists in 444 games and 45 goals and 14 assists in 184 games for Daejeon.

When asked how he felt about facing Daejeon for the first time,

Kim said, “I can’t think about my hometown team. Coach Lee Min-sung is also a senior who I respect, but we have to play a good game because both teams are in a high position, but neither Daejeon nor we can afford it.” “We have to play well,” he said. With Suwon sitting 10th in the league with 1-3-2-2 (6 points) and Daejeon 11th with 1-2-3-3 (5 points), both teams are in desperate need of three points as they have just one win this season.

Another exciting aspect of the match is that it will be the first time that Lee Min-sung and Kim Eun-joong, who were part of the gold medal-winning coaching staff at the Jakarta Palembang Asian Games, will face off as professional coaches. When asked about this, Kim said, “It could be an interesting issue for fans. Kim Hak-beom of Jeju and Lee Min-sung of Daejeon won gold medals together at the Asian Games, and to be together in K League 1 is something that can be an issue,” 온라인카지노사이트 he said, adding, “It’s tough for the coaches on the field, but I think we should give the fans a fun game and a good game on the field.” Below is the full text of Suwon head coach Kim Eun-joong’s pre-match press conference.