Kim Jong-gyu of DB

 Wonju DB, the leader in professional basketball, won by 35 points, plunging last place Seoul Samsung into a deep swamp of 10 consecutive losses .DB broke its losing streak by defeating Samsung 108-73 in the 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball Regular League away game held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on the 30th.DB, with 28 wins and 9 losses, widened the gap with Seoul SK and Changwon LG (23 wins, 13 losses), who tied for second place, to four and a half games .On the other hand, Samsung (5 wins, 31 losses), which suffered 10 consecutive losses, has a slimmer chance of escaping last place. The gap with Anyang Cheonggwanjang and Goyang Sono (13 wins, 23 losses), tied for 8th place, has increased to 8 games. Samsung, which has been without a win for a month since the last game against Sono on the 30th of last month, suffered 8 straight losses at home. After winning the Daegu Korea Gas Corporation match on November 23 last year, we have not been able to smile at home for over two months. Samsung competed on equal footing with DB until the first half.

The score difference between Samsung and DB, led by center Kofi Coburn, who scored 17 points and 7 rebounds in the first half, was only 6 points at the end of the second quarter .However, DB hit 6 3-pointers in the 3rd quarter alone, scoring 35 points, widening the gap to over 20 points. Samsung, which was unable to block DB’s quick attack led by Philippine guard Ethan Albano, was blocked by the opponent’s big man lineup of Kim Jong-gyu, Didrick Lawson, and Kang Sang-jae, including Coburn, and lost their attack. DB’s ace Lawson scored another 3 points from the top at the start of the 4th quarter, completely breaking Samsung’s will to chase .Lawson performed well in all areas, recording a triple-double with 24 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. Kim Jong-gyu also scored 24 points and 7 rebounds while defending Coburn, who was larger than him .Forward Sangjae Kang recorded 15 points and 10 assists, relieving the burden on Albano, who was in charge of managing the game .LG also defeated Sono 74-70 on the road without ‘mainstay’ Assem Marey.

As a result, LG rose to a tie for second place with Seoul SK, which broke that day. The competition surrounding a direct route to the semifinal playoffs (PO) is fierce, with 4th place KT (22 wins, 13 losses) also trailing the two teams by half a game .In professional basketball, the first and second place teams advance directly to the semifinals without going through the semifinal PO.LG showed off its extraordinary competitiveness by cruising to 4 wins and 1 loss in the last 5 games in which foreign player Marey was out due to a knee injury .Marey recorded 16.2 points and 15.3 rebounds in each game and played a key role in the offense and defense behind LG’s goal, but left the team due to a knee injury after the last game against SK on the 9th.LG, where not only Marey but also Mexican national team center Josh Ibarra, who was selected as a replacement foreign player, has not yet played in an official game, struggled in the first half, allowing 21 points and 8 rebounds to Chinanu Onuaku. However, in the second half, domestic players such as Lee Kwan-hee and Yang Hong-seok worked hard to shake off the pursuit of Sono, who was centered around Onuaku and Lee Jeong-hyeon. Yang Hong-seok scored 19 points and became the team’s highest scorer. Rookie shooter Yoo Yu-sang also provided firepower from the outside, scoring 18 points, including four 온라인카지노 3-pointers.