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The team needs to win so that the player can be the best.

Unlike his fluffy appearance, he had an interview with shyness and humility. The best foreign player in this season’s Kofi Coburn was Didric Lawson of Wonju DB.

Coburn has averaged 22.9 points and 11.1 rebounds this season. Both scoring and rebounding rank fourth in the league.

When it comes to personal records alone, he was ranked at the top along with Jamil Warney and Paris Bath. In particular, Coburn is all the more meaningful as it accumulated at the last place Seoul Samsung despite intensive checks by the opponent team’s defense.

Before the game, reporters always ask a team coach who is close to Samsung, How will you stop Coburn? This is because Coburn holds a high stake in Samsung. Samsung, which has weak domestic players, is highly dependent on Coburn in attack. Conversely, if Coburn is blocked, the probability of defeat increases significantly.

The rival team embraces Coburn with its trap defense and double team defense at various timings. Coburn also said it was the first time to experience such a persistent double team defense. At first, I was a little embarrassed. Now I’m used to it, he said. Korean players tend to struggle more violently than other players in other countries when they come to double team defense. They really rushed to take the ball away.

No player in the KBL has been able to block Coburn, who is 210 centimeters tall and weighs 130 kilograms, one-on-one below the basket. He is armed with formidable attack capability under the basket, but he also demonstrates his presence in other areas, including field of view and outlet pass.

The best foreign player chosen by Coburn this season is Lawson. I don’t think I’m the best, he said. When the team wins, I become the best. In that sense, the best foreign player is Lawson. Isn’t DB No. 1 in the league and good at it? It’s right that the best player comes from a team that’s good at it.

Samsung is doing well with four wins and two losses in the six games it played in February. The Coburn effect, which came back after leaving in January due to a thigh injury, is great. Samsung focused on Coburn finding a sense of play and losing weight through a 5:5 practice game.

Coburn is also full of confidence. My energy level has increased as I came to rest. Above all, we are now united as a team. In addition, I was told what to do when defending the switch, he said, revealing his secret to his recent upturn. 바카라사이트 추천