Change Foreign Players, Will it be a Spring Volleyball Match?

In a fierce ranking competition for spring volleyball, several teams have thrown the game away with foreign players replacement cards.

Even complicated calculations have been mobilized, so which team will laugh at the end?

This is reporter Lee Kyung-jae.

On the 12th, Korean Air registered its interim player Murad Khan from Pakistan as an official foreign player.

Lincoln, who led the two consecutive integrated championships, recovered from his injury and joined the training, but it was also a result of thinking about the fact that Woori Card without the main gun Matei could take him if he missed Murad.

Murad responded to his team’s choice on the 17th by scoring 21 points and scoring the last point in a game against Woori Card, which won the top spot.

Woori Card, which had been waiting for Murad to come to the market, urgently transfused Artem from Russia, who has played for KEPCO.

Woori Card is calculating to return to the top spot in the regular league with Artem’s high RBI attack, which falls from a tall height of 203 centimeters.

Artem / Woori Card Apogit Spiker: I respect Mattei. I know his performance. I will do my best to keep the team winning

The women’s GS Caltex, which has been at the top of the list and recently ranked fourth, threw a game-changer to replace the Asian quarter with seven games left in the regular season.

Veteran striker Darin, a former member of the Thai national team, has been recruited to make up for his lack of strength in attack.

Earlier, Heungkuk Life returned to square one the first-place fight against Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which had been moving away with Willow’s more-than-expected performance during the All-Star break.

New replacement foreign players, who have joined the ranking competition for spring volleyball, which is fiercer than any other year, have emerged as a clear variable. 카지노사이트 순위