Liverpool stopover?

Díaz’s father said he hopes his son will one day move to Spain.

Luis Díaz is Liverpool’s main winger. Díaz left Porto in January 2022 and moved to Liverpool, and has played consistently since then, except during his injury periods. He has scored 14 goals in 57 matches in the league for Liverpool.

Díaz has not been able to show the explosive power he expected at the time of recruitment after several injuries. The difference is felt more because his predecessor was Sadio Mane, who was even the top scorer in the Premier League.

If Díaz leaves Liverpool, several Spanish big clubs will be interested. There was news from local media that FC Barcelona was considering recruiting Díaz. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are also teams that have watched Díaz in the past.

Diaz’s father did not rule out the possibility of his son moving to Spain. In an interview carried by the Daily Mail, Diaz’s father said, “In 2022, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid did not have serious talks. Liverpool only approached in detail,” but added, “We have not given up hope yet. Diaz is doing well, and Spanish clubs are always active in the transfer market.”

However, Liverpool is not willing to sell Díaz, so it seems that there are still many obstacles to Díaz’s trip to Spain. Liverpool invested a total of 60 million euros (about 87.2 billion won) in transfer fees, including options, when recruiting Díaz in 2022. 메이저사이트