Ace Injury Is Back In The Next Game

Arsenal’s league victory in the English Premier League (EPL) is truly this difficult.

Arsenal are currently leading the EPL with 64 points. However, they are nervous. Liverpool at the second place has 64 points and Manchester City at the third place has 63. The race for the title is now in full swing. Arsenal are aiming for the first title in 20 years. Expectations are high.

However, I met with the biggest negative factor. It was the injury of the ace. Bukayo Saka was out of his capacity. Due to his injury, he was absent from two consecutive A matches for the English national team. Saka is the ace of Arsenal, who has scored 13 goals and eight assists this season.

The misfortune does not end here. With the absence of an ace, Arsenal will meet Manchester City. It will play the 30th round of the EPL at Etihad Stadium in Manchester on April 1. It is the most important game that can determine the direction of victory this season. It is highly likely that Saka will miss this big match. Arsenal’s league win could be far away again.

But Manchester City’s situation is different from Arsenal’s. Is it true that the team will be a team? Kevin De Bruyne, the ace who left due to injury, is more likely to return to the match against Arsenal. When Arsenal’s ace left, Manchester City’s ace returned.

De Bruyne suffered a groin injury. He was also excluded from the A-match for the Belgian national team. However, he recovered quickly. He is preparing to return to injury against Arsenal.

ESPN reported, “According to sources, The Bruyne is optimistic that he will be able to compete with Arsenal. The Bruyne did not play at the quarterfinal match of the FA Cup against Newcastle due to a groin injury, and was excluded from the A-match. However, The Bruyne, who has trained for under-23 at Manchester City, has growing expectations that he will be able to start against Arsenal.”

“Medical staff will continue to watch The Bruyne’s condition, but The Bruyne is expected to participate when Manchester City’s first-team training resumes. With Kyle Walker and John Stones uncertain due to injuries, the possibility of The Bruyne’s participation will be a boost to Pep Guardiola,” he stressed.

If The Bruyne returns, Manchester City can have confidence. It could create a different atmosphere than Arsenal, where Saka is missing. Arsenal finished first in the last season but allowed Manchester City to come from behind at the end of the season. It was the runner-up finish in the second place. We cannot rule out the possibility that this season will unfold in a similar fashion as the last. Will Arsenal overcome this bad luck? Only when they overcome it will they be able to win the trophy for the first time in 20 years. 토토사이트 추천