Men’s Basketball Rookie of the Year Challenge LG Yugi Award

90th 3-pointer of the season against Anyang

The most in the first year of the professional. Beyond the novelty

First PO stage “will add to the team”

Professional basketball’s Changwon LG Yoo Ki-sang 22, photo hit two three-pointers in the fourth quarter against Anyang’s Jeonggwanjang on the 19th to complete his 90th three-pointer in the 2023-2024 season.

It was the moment when he recorded the most three-point shots in his first year as a pro basketball player among Korean players who debuted through rookie drafts. The previous records were Shin Ki-sung 1988-1999 season and Kim Min-koo 2013-2014 season with 88 shots.

Yoo Ki-sang said in an interview with the World Ilbo on the 26th, “I realized that I broke the record when I saw fans cheering and congratulatory messages on the electronic display as soon as the three-point shot went into the fourth quarter,” adding, “It was brilliant to have consistently made three-point shots since the beginning of the season.”

Yoo Ki-sang, who set a new record, had a complete advantage in this season’s rookie of the year competition. Once an ace at Yonsei University, Yoo Ki-sang was the third overall pick in the rookie draft last year. He had a two-way race with Park Mubin, who is the same age from Korea University, who joined Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan as the second runner-up, for the rookie of the year award. However, Yoo seems to be beating Park Mubin by writing a milestone of the most three-point shots in the rookie’s history. Yoo played in 50 games without injury this season, recording an average of 8.2 points, 1.9 three-point shots, and a success rate of 42.7% for three-point shots. On the other hand, Park has shown stellar performance by scoring an average of 9.1 points, but has played in only 32 games due to injury and other reasons. In terms of team performance, Yoo Ki-sang’s LG 2nd is ahead of Hyundai Mobis 6th.

“It’s a lie that I don’t have greed for the once-in-a-lifetime rookie of the year,” Yoo said. “My colleagues and my family desperately want it. I want to give joy to people around me by receiving the rookie of the year award.”

As LG clinched the second place in this season’s regular season, it advanced to the semifinals of the playoff. “I try to enjoy it rather than be nervous,” said Yoo Ki-sang, who is experiencing his first PO stage. “I will contribute to my team by playing a supporting role rather than a leading role in the team, and take on my first PO challenge.” 토토사이트

Finally, Yoo Ki-sang said, “Just as Shohei Ohtani is good at both pitchers and batters in baseball, I want to be reborn as an excellent player in offense and defense,” adding, “My goal is to play any role well and remain a great player in the KBL for a long time.”